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Yuzen send you a little Zen for every season – a box for winter, spring, summer, and fall…Four boxes in all. (sent November/December/January, February/March/April, May/June/July, and August/September/October). Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies.

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This is one of my 4 favorite subscription boxes! I I'm on my 4th box now and I am serious when I say that I have been able to use all the products in each box! The presentation is exquisite, the items thoughtfully curated , great value,and the fragrances are WONDERFUL! Honestly, i feel like a princess each time I use them! Also, customer service is awesome! I will be a customer for a long long time!
on 3/27/2018
I just got my subscription, I thought it would be fun to get spa items to relax with, and I have loved EVERYTHING in the box. First the box is so much fun to open, its beautiful. The Andalou Body Butter is fantastic. I have issues with smells and this was such a gentle smell, I am able to use it. The Andrelle's toner is amazing! I have a lot of redness, and this has calmed my skin. I have already looked into ordering more. I also love the ila body wash. Mindful Anti aging serum I have been able to use around my eyes. The z skin hydroxy mask was also a joy to use. My favorite is by far the Modicum skincare cleanser. It is gentle but works great. It cleanses but leaves my skin soft. Again I have already looked into ordering more. The thing I love the most about this box is the "sample" sizes. They were very generous, probably travel sizes, which allows you to really try the product and know if it will work for you. Sometimes for me it takes several uses to know how my skin would react. So this was a huge treat for me over the one use samples. I am already looking forward to the next box. Everything was high quality, and generous sizes. I wish it was once a month instead of quarterly.
on 1/14/2018
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I just started my subscription with them for the fall box. I have been wanting to try them since March of 2016 but was always waiting for a sign up coupon or item. Yuzen doesn't seem to offer sign up offers so I finally gave in. I am so glad I did because my first box was loaded with items that were amazing. They put items you may have never heard of yet. Also when I opened my box the presentation was beautiful. I will be patiently waiting for my next box 😊
on 9/17/2016
I am new to Yuzen and have receive 1 box so far. Although the box is pricey compared to some others, the products are high quality and full-sized, so definitely with the cost. Yuzen delivered on its promise for finding products that promote rest and relation, including 80 Acres Lotion; a Beauty Love Aromatherapy Stick, Aura Cacia Ylang Ylang Mineral Bath, Everbelle Ultimate Balm, Eslor Chlorophyll Mask, and MyChelle Sugar Cleanser. I have used the Eslor and MyChelle products previously and they are excellent, so the price of the box is covered in just 1 or 2 items! Very impressed and excited to see the next box!
on 3/5/2016
It was pricey, so I cancelled it. But I liked this box a lot! I purchased 3 seasons ( Spring, Summer, Fall) and Fall box didn't wowing me much, but Spring & Summer box wowing me a lot. It was really fun box, but again pricey.
on 9/4/2015
I just got the February 2015 box and like most of the products. The Innersense shampoo and conditioner were a huge disappointment because of the tiny size of the samples. Got only 2 washings out of them. The night cream is very nice but did not care for the scent at all. Love the Co Pur hand balm! I think I will be cancelling my subscription after this box because I think I can get more from the other boxes for a lot less money.
on 2/11/2015
So far this subscription box closest matches my style! Now if only there was an Anthropologie-esque/vintage/Parisian chic type box out there!
on 7/25/2014
got my Summer 2014 box today... it was pretty good. i love the toner and the soap. the lash serum stung my eyes a little bit, but i'm going to keep using it. i have used the bath soak before, it's okay. the body spray is super oily... i didn't like it. the mints are "meh." the fragrance/insect repellant smells like b.o. to me... it'll definitely keep my husband away lol! not sure how i feel about this one... i see the value, but i don't take baths or use oily body sprays. i'll wait for the Fall box before i decide to cancel.
on 7/2/2014
LOVE this box! I wish it came out more often! The most beautiful packaging, great for gift giving. Wonderful products inside.
on 6/6/2014
some many boxes to choose from..hmmmm well, I guess, I will just have to try and keep or not, then move to the next one...
on 4/3/2014