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Jul 18, 2022
"Nice product - terrible customer support"
Got some great stuff over a few years of subscribing. But - customer support is terrible if you don’t get one of your orders for some reason. Curt and not helpful.
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May 11, 2021
I don’t know why they have such high ratings. The quality is crap, you don’t get any name brands, which fine not a big deal if the quality was good. It’s not. You have to pay to return items which is probably the value of the clothing $8.
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Jan 8, 2021
Let’s be clear: this is a subscription box with clearance rack rejects from several seasons back. They have a detailed style quiz that I suspect they’re using to farm data to sell to track trends, because what they send doesn’t even match together as an outfit or look anything like the boxes fitness/fashion bloggers advertise. The exchange system is a joke, and MSA should have done due diligence on the process. You can exchange (for $8 each way) but they give you two choices max and even then it’s only if you spend time contacting them; there weren’t any options on the website system when I tried. The Facebook group is a bunch of people trying to sell their (often used) items to other members for $25-30 a piece. You can’t get in until you’re a Yoga Club member, so people can’t see it’s a bait and switch. TLDR: Avoid this one. You’ll find way better deals online buying from Nordstrom Rack.