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Yarnbox offers several subscription packages: Classic, Socks, and Luxe. Boxes are priced from $19.95 for the monthly Socks box, $36.96 for the Classic box, to $69.95 for the quarterly Luxe box. Every month you will receive enough yarn, patterns, and other goods to offer savings over retail prices.

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Don't even consider giving these folks your money! The new owners aren't honoring the orders. After numerous calls and emails, I found the direct email to the owner. She claimed she'd ship my box right away. Surprise! It still hasn't shipped. Even though the phone number on their website is answered by a machine, she informed me they haven't had a working phone number in over a year. What???? They've shut off any ability to contact them through Ravelry, and don't respond to anything sent to their "customer service" email. According to some of the folks who finally did receive their box It seems they reshipped yarn they shipped in previous boxes.
on 6/24/2018
I became a subscriber after the new ownership and was not aware of the problems customers were having with the company. While I had only little trouble, the attitude of the owners was very apparent and there were several 'last straws': the shutting down of any commentary on Ravelry, and the new practice of putting forward old stock in yarns so that the boxes had the same yarn more than once a year.
on 3/18/2018
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I was a long time, very happy subscriber of this service. This was once the best yarn subscription out there, but no longer. Recently under new ownership the customer service and value have drastically gone done. New problems pop up daily with credit cards continuing to be charged after subscriptions have been cancelled, yarn sent late, to the wrong addresses and customers and with invalid tracking numbers. The new owners have a rude and condescending attitude that takes all the fun out of this subscription. Their are many other reputable yarn subscription services available, I would run away from this one as far as you can!
on 1/12/2018
Really disappointed with the new owner's level of customer service. Their interaction with clients on Ravlery borderlines hostility; beyond the lack of knowledge this provide there with the yarn content, they have cleaned house with anyone who does not have a direct family connection, this includes the volunteer moderators that the previous owner had in place. Not even commenting on the yarn, based on the business ethics alone, I cannot recommend this company at all.
on 10/20/2017
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I love this box. I subscribed to get me back to crocheting, which it did, and take me out of my comfort zone. Which it also did. Now, I'm taking it further by learning how to knit. The yarn is high quality, the suggested patterns are beautiful. You also get a "stitch card" in the crochet boxes that teach you a new stitch.
on 10/3/2015
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I've been a subscriber for almost a year. I love finding yarn companies I've never heard of and trying something new every month. Everything they send is really high quality and great to knit with!
on 6/29/2015
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This my favorite box I get hands down. The yarn they pick each month is amazing. I've been subscribing since the first box and I have yet to be disappointed.
on 9/20/2013