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Let Wurkbench custom curate a box of fun and adventure to spice up sexy time. All you have to do is fill out a quick profile and let us get to work! We'll hand select items you want or are interested in exploring and nothing you don't. The best part about it is Wurkbench products bundled together are up to 40% off retail.

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So you (the last reviewer) have the time to just leave reviews on products/services that you say you have never purchased and you have nothing to do with the seller? Did you even read the first review? They bought the $129 box not the $69 box! So your comment doesn't even make sense. How can you tell the first review is not legit? They clearly stated how much they spent and how much they received. Seems to me they were fair with giving the seller a chance to make it right on the second box and again failed to do so. I would say that the first review was helpful and reasonable and should help someone making a decision on a purchase. Your review however gave no real perspective what so ever and added no value.
on 9/11/2017
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I find it funny and quite entertaining the lack of thought and consideration some people give when they so baddly want a good thing to be wrong or when upset about a choice they've made and become so ridiculously unrealistic and say all kinds of stuff even when it's not logical or mathematically correct but they want so bad for it to be wrong they will fester up details that aren't actually legit just to fill a void (or possibly to try and get more from, or to back out of a situation they regret)... And I'm referring to this last comment and I believe the only other comment made so far. When think about it, the box is $69 (+shpping while understanding when using a discount code, unless directed towards discounting shipping, the coupons usually go towards items purchased alone). If do the quick math of box in reference ($110 value and while paying $69... Can consider value of box as if it's value of purchase with the coupon added the math would look something like this $110×.40= a $44 saving, take that and subtract from cost of box and walla! Magic... Cost of purchase would be brought down to $66.. random crazy miraculous price that just so happens to be 3 wopping dollars less than the actual cost of box. Like really.. Give these guys a break and I can see and I hope along with everyone who reads your review that you did indeed need to just cancel if your going to complain about 3 WHOLE DOLLARS..? Geeselaweeze ... :( you got what you payed for, maybe not your preference which is obviously the case and what should have been stated but they've done what they promised just off by a meir fraction.. P's, no I am not affiliated with this company nor have I even purchased or received a box so I have no comments on any of that but just making a simple connection and that is, if your not happy with a subscription just cancel unless there's truly an issue, then state the facts but not when the data stated is completely ridiculous and inaccurate. Just wrong...
on 7/26/2017
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NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!!! I opted for the "Pleasure Chest" $129 + $8.95 shipping I have received two boxes from Wurkbench and the first box I felt like I didn't get my money's worth (quick search on amazon - items in box worth about $80) so I wrote the company to ask them if I had received everything that I should have. I was told that I was missing an item from the box and they sent the "missing" item to me. When I received the missing item it was very obvious that this "missing" item was never meant to be in the box with the other items as it was too big. So at that point I knew that only the people that complained would be getting all that was owed to them. Even though the first box didn't go smoothly I decided to give it another shot. So when I got my second box, this time I only received about $110.00 of merchandise. I wrote the company again and after speaking with the Co-Founder Julie, I was promptly told that I should just cancel my subscription. She spoke to me as if I was just being ridiculous and a difficult customer. I told her that I only want what I was promised. On the Wurkbench website it says: " Not to mention you will save up to 40% or more buying through this subscription ". In my case it's more like spending 40% more by using their service. She didn't even try to make things right, She just canceled my subscription "as a courtesy". She told me that: "I'll credit you back $13.44 to cover the total cost of shipping we paid for and the "value" you've given your box." But after 3 weeks and no refund I asked her again about it and she gave me $15. So if you are thinking about trying this box you would be better off just searching "sex toys" on Amazon and buy the first 7 things that pop up and hope for the best. At least you would be getting a fare value for those items.
on 11/14/2016