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A monthly brew of 6 hand-made magickal goods, for witches or newcomers to witchcraft. We seek out only the best teachings, ingredients and tools to inspire the craft and magick within. Each product is curated around a monthly occult theme. Shipped out after the 21st of each month, each crate is made-to-order and supplies are limited. Every crate comes with a magick scroll detailing instructions and other witchery.

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September 16, 2016
WITCHCRATE!! Rika Athena is a terrible terrible person!! She has lied to me since July! Has taken 3 payments out and I have not received 1 box yet! Even though she sent me a email saying it was sent! Then she sent me a email threatening me! Then she closed her site! Told no one!! And then sent me another threatening email. So I had her removed from cratejoy site!! She is rude ! She sends emails when she is obviously drinking or stoned! PLEASE PLEASE! Do not sign up for this crate ! She is a SCAM!!! You will be so disappointed! Look at her reviews on YouTube!! Terrible!!
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