Wild Crystals Box by Tamed Wild Apothecary

Wild Crystals Box by Tamed Wild Apothecary


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"The Wild Crystals Box by Tamed Wild Apothecary sends you a carefully curated selection of natural crystals, stones & minerals each month. Each crystal is accompanied by an information card detailing the popular healing benefits, how to clean & charge, & ritual and lore. Each box contains 5-10 specimens, with the quantity varying monthly depending on the sizes we curate. Trust that your box will always carry a value larger than the monthly fee, and that your crystals will choose you. Each month also includes 1-2 additional earth medicine accessories; and can vary from smudge sticks, crystal jewelry, etc... Use your crystals for healing, rituals or harnessing the energy of the moon. This metaphysical delivery compliments well with our Wild Medicine Box for Herbal Healing, completing the circle of earth medicine."

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