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Wardrobe Wake-up


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Imagine a constantly revolving wardrobe, containing all of the latest trends from high-end contemporary designers. See that $700 dress? You can wear it to 30 cocktail parties if you want to, for just $35. A month later, simply return it to the closet and the wardrobe spins again, revealing a $250 blouse that will take you from work to happy hour all month long. Still just $35. Your size. Your style. Your occasions. Something different every month, for every photo op. Your closet is slimmer, your wallet is thicker. You get all of this with Wardrobe Wake-up. Think of it like a Netflix for high-end fashion. You sign up by filling out our style survey, are matched with a stylist, and then start receiving designer tops or dresses which you can wear all month long with the option to purchase or send back at the end of the month.

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Sadly, this one is shutting down. Just checked out the website. Boo.
on 5/29/2015