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The Wantable Makeup subscription offers full sized makeup based on your preferences! You can change your makeup preferences anytime, and it's easy to skip a month from your account. Shipping is free to the US. Canada: $6.00 USD United Kingdom: $7.00 USD Australia: $10.00 USD

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First Wantables box I loved everything. Second the bulkier half is going back. We will see how easy the returns are. Will see how this next month goes if this stays on my subscription list.
on 9/22/2015
Wantables was my first subscription and I just received my first box. Four excellent full side products. -Model Co. BB Plus cream is my favorite, great color, blends easily, and has a smooth finish, not tacky or hard to smooth on with just enough color to smooth out complexion and still looks natural. -Robanda facial cleaner worked will and left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. -A foundation brush, seems nice and well made, and personally you can not own too many brushes since they do need to be replaced more often than people think. -And another black eyeliner.
on 8/21/2015
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I'm in my 5th month of this subscription and while I do like a lot of the items sent, sometimes they really miss the mark. My first box was the best- they took out all the stops and I got 4 fabulous Hugh value items, since then I have received maybe 4 items I wish to keep or use and then swapped the rest. The best thing is that it seems like they do pay attention to special requests. I mentioned that I love coloured mascara and my next box had a blue mascara. Maybe the answer is to redo the style quiz every month and see if that impacts the selection. Also, they say they send 4-5 items, but every box thus far has only been 4.
on 5/17/2015
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I love the ease of returns, makes this one really special although it is a bi pricey, it is worth it!
on 3/20/2015
I have gotten this box for the past 3 months and really loved 2, but put in a request for a refund/return for my December box ( I think) and am a little disappointed because I put that request in at least 3 weeks ago and have not received my return form yet? I am going to contact customer service tonight and see what the problem is. It is also possible this is an error on my part, I'm not sure. I LOVE that I can return my box and get a refund if I want. I had to change my profile because I was getting alot of weird colors like blue mascara. This is my fault though. I do wear bold colors and and wear dramatic make up and am adventurous as far as color goes, but I do not like colored mascara or colored eyeliner really, which is what I was getting. I do love the quality of items and look forward to this box every month!
on 2/14/2015
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Just got my first box of Wantable makeup for February! I really, absolutely love it. As a subscriber, I paid $36 and (looking online) got about $70 worth of makeup. Everything was full size and 3/4 items I recceived, I immediately loved! I have heard that 4-5 full items is the norm, so hopefully next month I will be seeing an extra item in the mail. I did have a slight problem with them accepting and charging my card, so I have sent them an email and will see how good their customer service is. In my box: Cara Cosmetics Electra Skin Shimmer, a Lord & Berry Smudgeproof eye pencil, a Tapered Blending Brush from Bodyography, and Bodyography Expressions in 'sleek'. The Bodyography Expressions (eyeshadow?) was off tone for me, but product-wise, the quality was still extraordinary for the amount I paid.
on 2/11/2015
I received an email from Wantable offering my first box for only $1, and I could not pass that up! I'd been wanting to try this box for a long time, but $40 is a pricy gamble so this was my chance. It shipped quickly and tracking information was provided every step of the way. I received 4 full sized upscale makeup items, and all arrived in perfect condition. (Lip crayon, eyeliner, mineral eye shadow, and mineral loose powder.) All items were *amazing quality. I still think $40 is a high price for items I didn't specifically choose but I think I'll tweak my preferences and try another box.
on 1/30/2015
I have received this box for 3 months now and it has slowly become one of my favorites. It took some tinkering with my quiz settings after the first month (which was unremarkable IMO) but the following 2 months were fantastic. Of all my boxes, Wantable makeup sends me out products that I find myself using daily in my routine (eyebrow pencils, foundation, blush, etc...). It's expensive, but I love it and I think it's worth it. 12/14
on 12/12/2014
Hello! I received an email today saying if I followed the link I could save 50% off my first order. I keep trying the link in my email but it doesn't take off the 50%. Can u please put up another link or something??
on 11/18/2014
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I have received four boxes, each with four products. Of the 16 products, 10 come from 4 companies: ‘Trini Beauty (3 items), Sorme (3 items), Girlactik Beauty (2 items) and Mistrura Beauty (2 items). This is an expensive subscription service and I expect a better variety. None of these products are part of my makeup routine.
on 6/3/2014