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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.

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My Fall 2019 Beauty Box arrived today, December 27, 2019. Hardly timely and I've been a subscriber to this box for years! Additionally, and per usual, the box I received doesn't come close to the value and variety of the box that has been reviewed on the Internet by others. My box always seems to be a few dregs and of minimal value. I need to discontinue to avoid further dismay and insult.
on 12/27/2019
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I used to love this box it always had several products of value. Now it’s mostly foil packs and paper ads without even a coupon.
on 9/16/2019
I always love my walmart beauty boxes they are full of great product samples some that I continue to buy some I don't.
on 8/1/2019
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Was good while it lasted but haven't been receiving my boxes all year.
on 6/11/2019
I used to be a member two years ago, and I cancelled them because it took them 2 months to get my boxes, no once more like 5 times. Therefore, I no longer deal with them.
on 5/7/2019
I cancelled both the classic and the trendsetter box after receiving them a week ago. I was so disappointed with what they sent. I'm fine with the value of the items considering it only costs $5 but what I'm not fine with are the repeats for the last three seasons. I received the the same foil pack moisturizer the last 3 boxes, the same foil pack hair mask the last 3 boxes, the same lip patch the last 2 boxes, and the same foil pack eye cream the last 2 boxes. The whole point of the sample box is to try new samples you haven't had, not get the same ones every season. For $7 the target box is so much better.
on 1/23/2019
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I love my box this time! Very happy with the choices, yes some are small single use-however-it was $5! The items are all very useful, I do with that they had a bit larger hair products- my hair is about 20 inches long- cannot treat it with one of the small foil packages. But overall- very happy with this box. I hope that the next one is as good.
on 1/11/2019
I ordered a Men's Grooming Box to go along with my regular subscription of the Walmart Beauty Box. I was charged the $7 for shipping. A month later I still have not received the box. I received my normal subscription on time. I contacted Customer Care, I was told shipping information would be provided once its ships. I asked How Long does that take. I kept getting the run around, and told to wait longer. I finally got fed up and said REFUND ME! I was told I was going to be refunded. A week later I had not received anything stating that I was being refunded. I once again reached out to customer care and asked when my account would be showing that I cancelled this and was refunded. The next day I got an email stating my Men's Grooming Box was shipped out. REALLY???? So you never cancelled or refunded, just basically made me wait anyway. I won't be ordering ANY EXTRAS EVER with you.
on 10/16/2018
El   me
Hello everyone, I'm subscribed to 8 different beauty boxes and I subscribed to all of these for the very first time in the month of September 2018. The Walmart Beauty Box was the first to arrive about 2 weeks later and what can I say, I was so sad to see that everything came in a foil pack. I hope not all the subscriptions are like this. I guess for $5 what should I expect! The box is perfect for anyone to try new products and to become familiar with them too but they only have enough for one use ( a very small amount to add). So, how are we suppose to know if it's worth to pay full price on an item if we only get to "sort-of" try a sample? I thought I would at least get coupons in the box but those were not available either. I don't like being negative and I do appreciate being able to get a hold of samples to try but for a better review and to get a better idea/experience of the products they should be a little larger I think? Who's with me? Every product in the box is useful or could be if there was just more of it. The box came with Garnier Fructis samples for hair. I have very thick long hair one sample wouldn't even cover half of my head. I did enjoy the small .25 fl oz samples of the Village Naturals Therapy for muscle aches and pain relief. Now these samples do make sense because you only apply to that area needed and you do get immediate results and needless to say , I have bought the full size of the Village Naturals Therapy because it worked for me. But how am I suppose to review the shampoo and conditioners when they come in 0.169 fl oz and .40 fl oz? I can't even get one use out of them to test. Come on Walmart, you can do better.
on 10/2/2018
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I got my first box and was very happy, my second box was not great and I complained after this box I canceled my subscription. After my second box I complained and got no satisfaction but decided to give it one more try. First the shipping took 2 months and then the items in the box were a HUGE disappointment.
on 9/7/2018