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Walmart Beauty Box


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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.

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I got my first box and was very happy, my second box was not great and I complained after this box I canceled my subscription. After my second box I complained and got no satisfaction but decided to give it one more try. First the shipping took 2 months and then the items in the box were a HUGE disappointment.
on 9/7/2018
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This was my first box from Walmart. I am so disappointed. For $5.00, I wasn't expecting a whole lot but I also didn't expect all foil packets. I will give them one more chance and if the next box is as disappointing as this one was-I'm cancelling.
on 8/12/2018
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I have just cancelled my subscription. The boxes have been getting worse and worse. I subscribe to both and this month they were identical. What's going on??? They also repeat the same items over and over...
on 8/9/2018
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This was absolutely one of the most disappointing boxes I've gotten in months. It arrived a week after my target beauty box and I ordered them on the same day. I don't mind one or two foil packets. However this whole box was basically foil packets. I'm giving them one more chance with next quarter. They are like the biggest retail chain in the country, surely they have the resources to do better than this summer box.
on 8/8/2018
I am a huge fan of beauty boxes. This has been 1 of my favorites because it's only $5. What a deal right? Not this box. It was very disappointing. Whoever put this box together spent about 30 seconds thought into it. It's like they just grabbed a few mini samples from a magazine insert and shipped it out. I am hoping it was just a fluke. I will see if the next box is better before I cancel it. Come on Walmart you can do so much better.
on 8/1/2018
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Get a clue manufacturers! Beauty boxes are very popular and a great way to market your products. So make us happy. So stop already with the single use foil packets! Those are giveaways.
on 8/1/2018
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I ordered a spring & summer box. the spring box shows it was shipped & delivered......TO A INCORRECT ADDRESS, EVEN A INCORRECT STATE!!! Summer box update states USPS is waiting for box for shipment but it was supposedly shipped 3 wks ago. I HAVE SENT NUMEROUS EMAILS BUT NO RESPONSE & CAN'T LOCATE A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL!!! VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED!
on 7/18/2018
I ordered two Walmart Beauty Boxes. I just love them. One for me and one for my daughter. I was charged for two boxes. I only received one box. I've been trying to resolve this and get my second box but no one is willing to help me! They were quick to debit my checking account for two boxes but not so fast to send me my second box! So, Please send out my second gift box,which I paid for! Thank you. R. Lieberman
on 5/14/2018
I just signed up today for first time for Walmart beauty box. Iv'e seen comments from other subscribers who receive more than 1 box. I would like to do this so I could get classic, trendsetter & etc. Could someone tell me what the 3rd one is???
on 5/11/2018
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I love the Walmart Beauty Boxes!! They are worth much more than $5.00 and everything can be used and enjoyed!! So much better than other more expensive boxes.
on 4/21/2018