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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.

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I ordered a spring & summer box. the spring box shows it was shipped & delivered......TO A INCORRECT ADDRESS, EVEN A INCORRECT STATE!!! Summer box update states USPS is waiting for box for shipment but it was supposedly shipped 3 wks ago. I HAVE SENT NUMEROUS EMAILS BUT NO RESPONSE & CAN'T LOCATE A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL!!! VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED!
on 7/18/2018
I ordered two Walmart Beauty Boxes. I just love them. One for me and one for my daughter. I was charged for two boxes. I only received one box. I've been trying to resolve this and get my second box but no one is willing to help me! They were quick to debit my checking account for two boxes but not so fast to send me my second box! So, Please send out my second gift box,which I paid for! Thank you. R. Lieberman
on 5/14/2018
I just signed up today for first time for Walmart beauty box. Iv'e seen comments from other subscribers who receive more than 1 box. I would like to do this so I could get classic, trendsetter & etc. Could someone tell me what the 3rd one is???
on 5/11/2018
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I love the Walmart Beauty Boxes!! They are worth much more than $5.00 and everything can be used and enjoyed!! So much better than other more expensive boxes.
on 4/21/2018
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I recently subscribed to the Walmart box and received my Winter box. I love it! They stuck to my beauty profile and gave me great products. I received two full size products and three sample/travel size products. I received the Maybelline Sensational lip liner, Maybelline Sensational lipstick, Brightening gel cleanser, Aveeno hand lotion, and an ointment spray for dry skin. This box was definitely worth $5. It's a steal! :) I'm looking forward to the Spring box! I also purchased the Worthy Limited Edition box and I love it. $5 is a steal! :)
on 4/6/2018
My first Wal-Mart beauty box I love it for 5 dollars what a find will not be my last love the products
on 3/14/2018
I just received my Walmart Winter Classic Beauty Box today on January 26th 2018 I am very disappointed!! All I received was several coupons that were of No use to me at all!! I also received one sample 0.02 ounces of a product that I would Never use. Finally I received One degree deodarant a Colgate toothpaste sample that I will never use and a Jergens wet skin moisterer ( Never! Use wet skin moisterizers ever and a use coupon for a few dollars off for an Dental alignment visit!..With the exception of the deordorant ALL of these are are Useless the only product that I can use is the deodarant! If I every receive a useless box like this again I will Cancel my subscription!!! Very disappointed!! Was just a box of usless Junk!!
on 1/26/2018
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The “fall” boxes finally arrived two days before Christmas. I subscribe to both the classic and trendsetter boxes. Both were really terrible this season. Nothing stood out. Nothing was exceptional. And the fact that they took my payment in the beginning of November for a box that should have shipped in September, but didn’t arrive until almost Christmas, was very annoying. I’ve been subscribed for over a year, but I’m thinking about canceling after this experience . Customer service was also no help at all. I coresponded with 3-4 different reps, and they all had attitudes when asked questions. Not impressed, Brandshare
on 1/2/2018
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The shipping is slow and the products are very lackluster, I realize it’s a $5 Box but there are lots of $10 boxes that do so much better than Walmart Brandshare Box.
on 12/23/2017
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It is almost Christmas, and I am still waiting for my Fall box. When it didn't come through the beginning of fall, I figured it is just because it's all basically free stuff, so maybe they have to wait for stock to build up and ship in groups. In mid-November, I received a message that my two subscriptions were ready to ship, and I was charged for both shipments. Several weeks later, the status was still "in processing" so I began to contact customer service through email, the only option. They basically said to keep waiting, but it should ship soon. I contacted them again several times over the past few weeks, continuing to get the same response. I have just received an email today, telling me that the boxes are shipping. Since the shipping time is always ridiculously slow, I will be lucky to receive them before the end of the year. I'm very disappointed. The items in the box are usually just fluff, nothing I have found to be very important to me, and nothing I would actually buy on purpose. However, it was fun to get the surprise box in the mail, and one of my subscriptions goes to my daughter, who really likes to get them. But this experience has taken the joy out of the whole thing. What a hassle, only to remember that they really don't care if I subscribe or not. They don't need me. I may keep the subscription for one more season, but if this experience repeats itself, I will upgrade to a real beauty box. The old adage fits: you get what you pay for.
on 12/21/2017