VNYL's team of curators analyze your music tastes to hand-pick 3 new albums you will love. Make sure you've got your turntable ready for the amazing vinyl headed your way.

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  • $32 per month
  • Ships to US

Featured Review: VNYL Subscription Box Review #curated - November 2018

Review for VNYL Subscription Box Review #curated - November 2018
Eric Cadman profile picture by Eric Cadman on December 3, 2018

My latest #curated VNYL Subscription Box features albums from Nine Ince Nails, Tame Impala, and Run The Jewels! Read our review to find out how to curate your vinyl collection with VNYL. Read more...

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The Basics

  • $32 per month
  • Ships to US

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Nov 5, 2020
Unless you truly believe that any vinyl record is a good vinyl record, then stay away from this company. Why? Despite their claims, they do not really take your music preferences into account. They give you the option to state what you like and don't like and even what you do not want them to send you (in addition to connecting to your spotify & discog accounts). This seems great. However, they sent me albums from genres that I did not say I wanted and were not reflected at all in my spotify/discog accounts. Additionally, they sent me albums that I explicitly said I did NOT want. I emailed them about these errors. They said they would try to do better. It only got worse. I really wanted this to work. I was hopeful so I gave them several chances to get it right... They never did. You've been warned! PS: I gave them roughly 2 stars instead of 1 because I did get albums at a cheaper prices than if I had just bought them directly. So, that's something... Too bad they weren't albums that I would ever have actually spent money on... so really I just wasted a bunch of money on them.

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