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"Vince Unfold is a subscription rental service that provides members access to a vast range of Vince pieces. Unfold members receive a dynamic edit of styles designed for an ever-evolving lifestyle. A set of four items are delivered each month with unlimited shipping and exchanges for a flat monthly fee."

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February 21, 2020
very very disappointed. I love the brand but this experience was dismal. I tried this for 3 month - bought one thing - that I loved - but it was not easy or convenient and because I paid a subscription fee, I feel like I paid 3x what the sweater was worth. I never even wore anything else they sent. I called and gave feedback and got offered nothing. This is a good idea that does not work in practice. Had the fee been deductable from what you purchased - I would have bought more items. Not worth it at all - might as well just go shopping.
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February 17, 2020
As a huge vince fan, I was thrilled when they announced unfold, unfortunately, it has been an incredibly disappointing experience and a very poor reflection of the brand. While my first box went off perfectly every package since has been poorly executed. My second box came in 4 separate shipments, since items weren't in stock even though I had a robust "closet" with more than the minimum required. The next box was even more disappointing - I sent my box in with over a week before a business trip I was hoping to take some items on. When I reached out to customer service for a status update they informed me it could take nearly two weeks to process and receive my shipment. I was floored that a monthly subscription means that I could potentially be packageless for half the month you're paying $160 for. They continued to tell me my items had shipped even though I could see it was in preshipment (meaning a label was created but it wasn't picked up by usps for 3 days). The customer support has been less than helpful and just reiterates the same lines over and over again. I have noticed that more and more curated items are becoming unavailable in to add to my closet. Once vince figures out logistics and support this could be a great service - unfortunately, they just don't have it together.
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December 10, 2019
The WORST! Super S-L-O-W shipping. Sizes and styles often not available. Pain in the a** to cancel. Have to go through a hard core sales pitch on the cancellation line. Limited and boring selection compared to what is offered in Nordstrom. Don't wast a dime on this one!
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