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Urbane Box began as a monthly online styling and subscription clothing service for men, but they have since expanded to provide styling and subscription clothing options for women, too!

When you start your subscription, you'll fill out a styling questionnaire to show the company's stylists what you like to wear and what your sizing is. Each month, you'll receive a selection of accessories and clothing curated just for you with a retail value of approximately $120.00.

Shipping: Ships free within the US. $25 surcharge for Canadian customers (plus any applicable tariffs and duties).

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I received my first package and I was relatively surprised. I was a little nervous after reading some bad comments but some other comments had good things to say. For $60 a month I figured it was worth a shot with the low price. I received a pair of jeans that was of good quality and had a little distress to the front, that I liked. I received a nice top by Annabelle and a pair of booties. So for the cost of $60 I was happy with the items sent.
on 3/19/2018
I have received two boxes so far and the first one was ok. The shirt I received was not my style and looked a bit granny like so I emailed my stylist who said they would take note for the next big . Soooo I just receivedmy 2nd box and the jeans were ok. They were some cheap brand but I wasn’t going to fret over it, however the shirt was HUUGE and very cheaply made. The third item was supposed to be an Infinity scarf but was a piece of material that barely fit around my neck. I was horrified. A complete waste of $60.00. I’m cancellling IMMEDIATELY!!!
on 3/3/2018
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Got my third package and it was excellent! I got a pair of Perry Ellis jeans, $79 retail, and a Original Penguin long sleeve Henley, which also was $79 retail. So I got two items for only $60, giving me over a 50% savings from the retail price. Urbane Box has been very fast to respond to my emails, better then some other clothing subscriptions I have tried in the past. So far it's been great for me! But I hate to shop and I was never a fashion guy anyhow. I think most average guys would like the service.
on 3/3/2018
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I have tried other clothing subscriptions but UrbaneBox has been one of the better ones out there. The quality of clothes are good and the customer service is great. They respond to my emails quickly and made sure to swap out my return with clothes that were to my liking. They are always sending me new brands I never worn before and keeping me intrigued.
on 2/8/2018
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This service is great if you are like me, and hate to shop. The quality of clothes have been great and the styles are sweet. I usually just wait a t-shirt and jeans, so I don't dress up much. My wife got tired of picking me out clothes and dressing me...and tired of seeing my sense of style. $60 a month is a no brainer. You can't even buy a pair of pants anymore. Last month I got two button up shirts that retailed for $150 each. That's what I'm talking about!!
on 2/2/2018
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So far UrbaneBox has been great. I absolutely loved my first two packages. One month I received Liverpool jeans, which retails for $90 alone, and a shirt. My second package I received a dress, super cute booties and a scarf. Very happy so far!!
on 2/2/2018
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Best clothing subscription I have tried. The clothes they send are of good style and quality. I see a review here bashing them for a brand they send, which I disagree with. They don't promise to send you the brands she mentions, it's just to know your style and taste, if you shop at Gap or American Eagle you have a different style then someone shopping at Macy's. For $60 a month if you think you are getting clothes from Nordstrom then you never gone shopping before. I have received some brands I am familiar with like Original Penguin and others I wasn't. I don't really care about name brands stuff though, as long as they are good style and quality. For only $60 a month I have been very happy with their service.
on 2/2/2018
0/10 do not recommend. I purchased a 3 month gift package for my friend and we were both quite excited to see what would come in his Urbane Boxes, but the first one has just arrived and, unfortunately, did not live up to the expectations Urbane Box falsely laid out. In the two available "unboxings" you can find on the internet ("The Pink Envelope" and "Exchange Defeat For Victory" on YouTube), the influencers advertise brand name clothing items in their boxes. And a box. My friend received his Urbane package in a flimsy plastic envelope. The items he received were a pair of boxers, chino pants, and a plaid button up. The zipper on the pants were broken and the threading was coming off on certain parts. The 3 items were low quality and from brands we'd never heard of before. When setting up your account on the website, you are given the option to choose stores you shop at such as Nordstrom, TopMan, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew, etc. You are led to believe you are receiving at least $120 worth of clothing from these brands or brands of their caliber. Instead, we received items from "Filthy Etiquette" and "Something Strong." Googling these brands, you can find these items on extreme discount on other websites and poor reviews. I am severely disappointed by the false advertising and at what was supposed to be a nice gift for my friend.
on 2/1/2018
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I am surprised by the multitude of very positive reviews for Urbane Box. My experience has been different and disappointing. I have received two shipments and each box contained items that were of poor quality and/or unattractive. I have contacted customer service and they have offered to exchange items free of charge but I do not feel that I received $120 worth, or even $60 worth of products. I was very pleased with other subscription boxes but I would not recommend this one.
on 1/31/2018
Hands down one of the better options out there. If you are looking for a good clothing subscription or styling service you have to try UrbaneBox. I was a member with Five Four Club for a month or two and I was not happy. I saw UrbaneBox and i decided to give them a try. I have been a member now for 2 years. The quality of clothes is always good and the customer service is fast to respond...and awesome! If you are looking for less expensive and great clothing subscription, def give urbanebox a try!
on 11/17/2017