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Urbane Box began as a monthly online styling and subscription clothing service for men, but they have since expanded to provide styling and subscription clothing options for women, too!

When you start your subscription, you'll fill out a styling questionnaire to show the company's stylists what you like to wear and what your sizing is. Each month, you'll receive a selection of 2 to 3 staple items for your wardrobe.

Shipping: Ships free within the US. $25 surcharge for Canadian customers (plus any applicable tariffs and duties).

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Be aware that there might be a cancellation fee when you use a coupon. I got charged even having complied with their two month minimum. From their page: There is a two month commitment when using a coupon code or promotion code. If a member uses a promo/coupon code and cancels prior to two successful payments, there will be a $20 early cancel fee. Quality for shirts and pants is good. Underwear is a throw-away. I bought the same ones they sent at $2 apiece from the dollar store. No way those cost $15 as they say.
on 5/8/2018
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I love getting my monthly packages. I have been a member for 3 years. I actually started back when they operated more like Trunk Club, but they ended up switching to a flat clothing subscription. It's so affordable and the clothes are always of good quality. Some of brands I received were Jach NYC, Original Penguin, Perry Ellis, Ben Sherman, Hawks Bay, Something Strong, Filthy Ettiquette, etc. During the years I have seen them grow so much and improve their service over time. They switched their logo design and the look if their box, which looks great . Feels like I'm opening up a gift every month. For the price I would recommend them. It's a bargain, especially if you have no sense of style or hate to shop. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
on 4/19/2018
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I tried a few different clothing subscriptions and recently signed up for UrbaneBox. So far I have enjoyed the clothing that has been sent to me. The quality was good and I loved the style of the selections. One month I received a top, jeans, and booties. This month I received a nice causal Navy dress with flats, just two items but the quality was good. For $60 I think it's a good value.
on 3/29/2018
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I have been a member for 4 years, I think I was one of their first customers. They use to do a 10 day trial period like Trunk Club, but they switch to a flat $60 clothing subscription box. I've always been happy with what they send me. I hated shopping and didn't really care how I looked. So maybe that's why I enjoyed them so much. I'm always getting compliments and the quality of clothes is always good, especially only paying $60. I'm so spoiled that when I attempted to shop for some clothes I was price shocked because a pair of decent pants was $40-$70. For $60 I'm always getting at least two big items. If you are super picky or expecting high end brands , like Polo or Diesel , than it's not a service for you. If you wearing those types of brands then you should already know paying $60 isn't realistic . If you aren't super picky, don't care about big name brands , and hate to shop, this service is for you. The customer service has always been great and respond always within 24 hours. Very happy.
on 3/26/2018
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After reading some of these reviews I didn't know what to expect. Well I received my first package and I was happy with the items that were shipped. I received a cute dress by Annabelle, beautiful booties in tan, and a infinity scarf. So after my first package I'm looking forward to seeing what I get in my next package.
on 3/21/2018
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Just got my first package and I'm pretty impressed. I got a Jach NYC shirt that retailed for $79 and a pair of Perry Ellis pants that retailed for $79 as well. So for $60 I think I got a great deal. I tried a couple other clothing subscriptions but so far UrbaneBox was the best overall in terms of brands and quality sent.
on 3/20/2018
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I signed myself up and my wife for Christmas. We have really enjoyed the ease of not having to shop. We have 3 kids so we started looking up clothing subscriptions and came across UrbaneBox. The clothes are of good quality and we like receiving a mix of big brands and smaller botique brands.
on 3/20/2018
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I received my first package and I was relatively surprised. I was a little nervous after reading some bad comments but some other comments had good things to say. For $60 a month I figured it was worth a shot with the low price. I received a pair of jeans that was of good quality and had a little distress to the front, that I liked. I received a nice top by Annabelle and a pair of booties. So for the cost of $60 I was happy with the items sent.
on 3/19/2018
I have received two boxes so far and the first one was ok. The shirt I received was not my style and looked a bit granny like so I emailed my stylist who said they would take note for the next big . Soooo I just receivedmy 2nd box and the jeans were ok. They were some cheap brand but I wasn’t going to fret over it, however the shirt was HUUGE and very cheaply made. The third item was supposed to be an Infinity scarf but was a piece of material that barely fit around my neck. I was horrified. A complete waste of $60.00. I’m cancellling IMMEDIATELY!!!
on 3/3/2018
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Got my third package and it was excellent! I got a pair of Perry Ellis jeans, $79 retail, and a Original Penguin long sleeve Henley, which also was $79 retail. So I got two items for only $60, giving me over a 50% savings from the retail price. Urbane Box has been very fast to respond to my emails, better then some other clothing subscriptions I have tried in the past. So far it's been great for me! But I hate to shop and I was never a fashion guy anyhow. I think most average guys would like the service.
on 3/3/2018