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Universal Yums! is a food subscription service that brings you snacks from a different country each month. Their goal is to send subscribers boxes that allow them to "Snack Like A Local" on a range of yummy, new, and surprising finds. Choose between two sizes: the Yum box ($13/month) or the Yum Yum box ($20/month).

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I've been a long standing customer since 2015. The service isn't perfect and there are consistency issues. For example, the Pakistan box from September 2017 was a huge disappointment. The quality of snacks was poor and the flavours bland. The contents of that box were very cheap. However, the Belgium box from the following month was chock full of incredibly tasty snacks and was well worth it. If you are new to subscription snack and food boxes universal yums isn't the best performer and you might not be that impressed with every box you receive. Try one of the asian boxes.
on 9/24/2018
We started last month (July of 2018) with the Taiwan box and loved the experience. So many interesting new tastes and what a great way to encourage children to try new foods. Even my pickiest eaters joined the fun and tried everything. And, what an excellent way to get everyone involved in discourse about flavors, food, and culture. Looking forward to receiving our next box.
on 8/16/2018
Truly love this subscription box! There is always a variety. I am a picky eater but always try every snack and I can say that i have never had a disgusting snack. I have had some I don't like but that's usually only 1 item out of 12 or so (and usually because I don't like the spicy things).
on 7/17/2018
I just received my Spain box for April 2018 and it was so much fun unboxing it. There are so many interesting things to try but right now I have a cold so the only one I have done so far was the spicy mango candy. I needed something spicy I could taste. it is not too sweet and the spice is not so overwhelming that you have to run for a drink. There is a good assortment of savory and sweet. The little booklet with all the facts and trivia was so much fun. The truth is it is not a lot but what is in here is a good mix of snacks and some of them can be very hard to find. I checked out prices on the internet and it really was worth the cost of the box. What a fun way to learn about the culture of another country. Excuse me now while I go throw some tomatoes.
on 4/19/2018
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Hi Joshua, I am one of the founders of Universal Yums and I wanted to address your review. I'm terribly sorry that your box was lost in transit and that our team was not able to respond in our normal 24-48 hour timeline. I just checked with our customer support manager, and she assured me that we were sending you a replacement box this morning. We hope you enjoy your new box, and that arrives without any issues this time! Thank you, Monique Bernstein Co-founder, Universal Yums
on 3/28/2018
Utterly terrible company. Placed my order the week of 3/16, got shipping information almost immediately (woo, I was excited) shipping started the next day and was due to arrive on 3/20. In my mind this was fantastic shipping time. 3/20 comes and goes, package is marked as delivered, but nothing has arrived. I know that USPS / UPS sometimes mess things up, so, decided to wait it out a day. on 3/22, after talking with my apartment's front office and my neighbors to see that no one received my package, I contacted USPS - who told me to contact Universal Yums. I sent an email on 3/22 (since they do not have a telephone number to call, email is the only customer service they seem to offer). Received an automated email informing me I should expect a response within 24-48 hours. After hearing nothing by 3/24, I sent another email and commented on their facebook page. After not hearing anything by 3/26, I posted once again on their facebook page. They are active, as they are responding to other individuals, but they are ignoring me. Cancelled my subscription payment and, what do you know, they finally got back to me. Terrible company. 0/10 would not shop again.
on 3/27/2018
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[UPDATED REVIEW] After a 2 month delay for my first box (and then a third month for 'lack of inventory' but the compromise of a free upgrade), I received my first box in 3/17 - Israel! The box had a great combo of salty + sweet snacks (plus a little wooden dreidel!), and the little fact booklet is a great touch. The snacks were a little less exotic than I'd hoped, but still interesting and fun. I still wish they'd include more small non-edible items a la the dreidel I received with this box, but if you enjoy learning about other cultures and aren't hard-up for that $25, I definitely recommend it.
on 3/12/2017
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Ordered in Dec '16 and due to holidays was told my first box wouldn't arrive until Feb. After getting super excited, received an email in early Feb saying they'd run out of that month's box and I'd get a free upgrade to the $25 box for March. 'Kay. The box is really neat - 12+ snacks all from a specific country, with a little booklet discussing the culture and giving lengthy descriptions of each snack (also includes a recipe/local game, and a link to a playlist of local music). Each month's country is a surprise which adds to the fun. One of the snacks on the list wasn't in the box. The snacks are varied (salty, sweet, chips, etc) and in this first box I didn't receive anything as weird/exotic as I'd maybe hoped for. I won't say it's overpriced but it could be a tad bit cheaper, and it'd be cool if they added some trinkets or stickers to the mix. It was never my intent to go with the $25/mo option ($300/year!!!) and I think the $13 option (comes with 6 snacks instead of 12) might feel less worthwhile once I switch back to that, especially since I'll know I'm missing out on half the goods.
on 3/5/2017
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Really just junk food in a box from different countries. It is nice but not worth the fee per month especially when you could get all the same stuff for cheaper online.
on 12/18/2016
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I tried a couple of boxes but wasn't that impressed with curation. Most of it is just convenience store junk food. 7-11 munchies with a foreign wrapper but less appetizing. What tore it for me was that one of the products was beyond stale. Utterly inedible. It went in the trash. I contacted Universal Yums but they tried to spin it as the snack not suiting me. As if I don't know what stale food tastes like. Ridiculous. I messaged them back asking for a partial refund for that one product. So basically $2 toward my next box. They never responded. The combination of so-so products, lack of communication, and refusal to stand by the freshness of their products made me cancel the subscription.
on 9/19/2016