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This monthly subscription box brings you chef-curated international foods, plus recipes in which to use them.

Each month, you'll receive 7-8 products from a new country. You'll also receive a "Culture Guide" to help you learn about the featured country.

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Shipping: Free shipping to the US. $7 flat rate shipping to Canada.

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Do not Subscribe. I first singed up for this box about a year and a half ago. At that time they did country themed boxes with ingredients and recipes from that select company. Shipping wasn't perfect, you sometimes got the box a month late, but I loved that they sent the recipes out for you to try with the ingredients you got. I got engaged and paused the subscription for 9 months while we were getting married. I let my subscription resume and found out that the company had been bought. They no longer do specific months, you really just get a random box of food. I was also super annoyed because looking through the items some were made in American (I guess you could argue Canadians would want that), but a lot of the items were packed in america and extremely similar to the items you would find in the ethnic sections of your grocery store. I had paid for 3 months and decided to cancel before receiving my third box (maybe this is where my mistake was) but I never received the third box. I sent an email, there is no phone number, and really no other way to contact the company to get the third box I paid for. I do not recommend.
on 12/6/2018
So angry. I never got the first box until I complained on a FB message. Already billed for the second box. Nothing in the box was authentic. I could have found it anywhere and it was just a mixed up box of nothing. Not the way I expected this box to be at all. Went in and tried to cancel my account. Went thru all their annoying questions. Kept saying I want to cancel. It is now a day later and my cancelation still shows as pending. I tried to go in and take out my CC information but now it is hidden where I cannot get to it. I wanted to delete it so they cannot bill me again. So sad and so horribly disappointed. I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered but I saw them in FB adds and on TV so I thought they were legit. Never again. They better not bill me again and I do not want the junk they send.
on 5/16/2018
Total scam artists. We ordered the annual subscription. They failed to deliver. After 2 and a half months, we disputed the charge on our card. They sent one box to placate us and the credit card company. That was the first and last box we ever received. They refuse to respond to emails, have no telephone. We have filed consumer case against them in their state of doing business but are pessimistic we will ever see our money or God forbid one of their boxes.
on 5/10/2018
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I liked the box but cancelled it and have had a credit with them to be able to use in their shop for 8 months. They respond that their shop will be up and running again, they have said that since August and I am without use for the credit and hoping they make good on it but I am very disappointed with them not immediately making good on it and while the box was well done, I feel this reaction to issues on their end would make me never refer someone to the box
on 4/5/2018
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Had a wonderful experience with customer service. A box went missing they sent a replacement. We then FOUND the original box (facepalm) but these guys stepped up and were awesome. Give Try the World a TRY people!!!
on 2/7/2018
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I loved Try The World at one point but 2 years later I can't believe what's become of it. They no longer curate by country - each box is just a mix of random stuff and, truthfully, much of it is not actually international, some of it is stale or beyond the expiration date, much of it is easily found at a chain grocery store... Dare I even say a Big Lots. The packaging, which used to be beautiful, is no longer. Just a cheap cardboard box, usually late and showing up randomly since the tracking info they sometimes send is incorrect.
on 1/23/2018
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I subscribed to Try the World for about a year and a half. I liked getting a box with fun things to try from a different country each month. But I just cancelled the subscription because now they say, "we have updated our country box to a new Around the World box which will contain a variety of gourmet foods from around the globe." In actuality, you get an assortment of fairly ordinary foods from various places--many made in the US. I can get that easily by filling up a basket in the food isle at Job Lots. Why buy a subscription?
on 1/23/2018
The best service ever! Immediate replies. The girl who consulted me was very polite and friendly. Once, I made a mistake in the online application and it was corrected in just about 20 mins later by the TTW team. A very smooth job, guys!
on 11/9/2017
I've tried several snacks from friend's box and decided to get myself one. I'm doing my best to keep a healthy diet and everyone I know strongly recommended TryTheWorld. I already tried all the stuff inside. Hope the next box won't be late.
on 11/3/2017
The service is very convenient! I made a purchase online in a couple of minutes. The most difficult part is what exactly to choose - the variety of products is just great!
on 10/27/2017