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"Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly (every two months) subscription box for MUAs and make up lovers. Receive over $100 worth of full to deluxe size products, discover new brands and products! "

Shipping: US: $7.00, Canada: $6.00, UK: $18.00 International: Varies

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I’ve subscribed since the second box after it came out. The very first box from tribe came out December of 2017. February 2019 will make a full year I’ve dealt with the subpar products received in this subscription. For an entire year the majority of the products I received I can pick up at my local drugstore, supermarket, Walmart and or Target. For the cost of this box I expect to receive products not available at these places. The main reason I indulged in this box because is was curated by a woman. I feel as a woman she knows these items are not worth the cost of the box, & she’s taking advantage of her supporters! The other box for $21 with 4-5 full size items offers well known & not so well known brands for a well rounded box! I’ve expressed this to customer care and unsubscribed! To have people pay $39.95 + shipping to get drug store items is ridiculous!! I can go on and on but I don’t want to trash the brand, however think I’ve made my point. The one plus is shipping is fast! That’s because we are paying for it! Definitely not worth it. I’ve wasted so much money this past year. I couldn’t gift the items to anyone without being considered cheap. My daughter now has makeup to play in thanks to Tribe!
on 1/14/2019
I am really happy with this box. I subscribed and dropped my Allure beauty box and Sephora play box. I just received December's box and couldn't be happier! I received 7 items in this box! I was worried the beauty blender would be a mini, but its a FULL SIZE! If you add that plus the cost of the highlighter palette it covers the cost of this box, not to mention the other items you receive. I have subscribed to Boxycharm in the past, and this one is much better. Fast shipping, and my products arrive well packaged and in great condition. I have read that they had some issues in the past with damaged products or expired products. All my products arrived fine, and are not expired nor do they expire soon. I believe they have resolved their previous issues, however, I subscribed month to month just to be sure. I definitely recommend this subscription box!
on 12/7/2018
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Just know that my subscriotion addiction holds comments about this box under reviews, so you're only getting the cake happy pie pie reviews and full picture under reviews for this box. I got the limited edition box and the main item is ruined. They knew it was going to be this way, and my guess is that it was on purpose. Most people signed up here with a 10 percent off their first box. Well after this "mishap" they offered 10 percent off the next box, (which we already should get with the offer here) then they go on and on about the company loosing money by doing this. This box for what it is plus shipping is super expensive. Especially compared to other boxes of This nature out here. The price pount of this isn't good and the items you get are not that great either. And of course the people that have issues, or thoughts are being filtered and you will not read the truth. Very sad.
on 5/11/2018
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So I appreciate the idea of this box, however Boxycharm and Lola Beauty Box are a much better bang for buck at half the cost of Tribe. Also, make sure to check the batch codes on your products. I along with many others received 4-6 year old Too Faced La Creme Lip Balms in April’s Tribe box.
on 4/21/2018
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I too cancelled boxy and glossy for this box:) it is amazing! More expensive but worth it in every way. They ship priority usps and I got my box the same week it shipped, so worth the shipping fee! You can skip or cancel from your account online with ease(as I had to cancel mine cause billing was a day before paycheck lol) signed back up the very next day in a breeze. Customer service replies the same day most times withing the hour and are super friendly 5 start for tribe
on 1/16/2018
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This is the best box! Full size items and I can use each one. Primer, eye, bush and lip i could use! Too Faced, TARTE, Real Her and more. December was their first box. Every other month it ships from Canada. There is a shipping fee for the U.S. that I dont mind. The customer service is remarkable with questions answered promptly. Huda is in February's!!! I cancelled Glossy and Boxy.
on 1/13/2018