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Trendy Butler provides men with a perfect, personally styled box of clothes worth $150+, delivered to your door for only $65 a month.

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I signed up for the value offered but ended up with great products that changed my style. I would never think of buying some of the items I received in the store simply because I always hesitant to change. This service forced me outside of my comfort zone. I got a few items I sent back but the process was easy. If you spend the time logging into the style profile area and updating all the details they ask, the monthly boxes become more accurate to what your taste.
on 7/18/2019
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I signed up for Trendy Butler on a whim. I have some challenges with being a bigger guy and found that their stylists were able to select items for me that fit perfectly every time. I normally default to the same style from the same handful of apparel brands. Trendy Butler has challenged my style and given me more confidence in wearing something new with every shipment. I recommend it to ALL of my friends and colleagues. Try it for a month and you won't want to use any other service.
on 6/17/2019
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For the price, I guess I can’t really be THAT mad. What does upset me is the fact that they over promise and under deliver. You put all this specific info in about yourself. Fairly certain that’s just to make you feel confident about what you’re going in to. Sizing was not as good as it should have been for all that info. They don’t pay attention to your requests. I specifically said no hoodies, and I got a hoody. They don’t diversify what you get. I got two jackets back to back. I’ve only ever received two items out of the four packages. They claim one of the packages had three items. When it arrived with only two items, they told me the third item was the flyer for a watch subscription company. I’ve had to contact them a few times about thenpackages, and they always blame the warehouse for messing up. Never offer to make anything right. Not a great experience. I will say the clothes aren’t bad. Definitely opened me up to some things I probably would have never picked out for myself, and ended up really liking. Too bad everything else has left a bad taste in my mouth with this company.
on 3/29/2018
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Complete garbage. They show you all these awesome clothing brands on their website but what you get is about the quality of an outlet mall store. My first package, I informed them I did not want Henely shirts. I'm a bigger (fat) guy so they do not look good on someone like me. I also let them know I didn't want jackets as I live in Texas and we are rolling back into the hot season. My package had two Henely shirts and one zip up hoodie. All the items are so thin you can see right through them all. They basically did the complete opposite of what I wanted. So I thought I'd contact their customer service. Should be easy right? Nope. They say you can make an exchange on your clothes but nowhere on the site do they tell you how to do that. On top of that their customer service chat is not a chat. It's a way to send a message and then you have to wait for hours with your browser open waiting for them to reply back. Overall, don't waste your time or your money. They try to say they are different from other services because they let you exchange stuff but in the end, exchanging stuff is such a pain that you end up not wanting to waste your time.
on 2/20/2018
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I subbed this service with the Black Friday deal. Target audience was my 18-year-old who kinda, sorta doesn't care about clothes but likes to look good. Well, this service absolutely hit it out of the park with their first shipment! Shipping was slow compared to when I signed up so I just decided to wrap the package rec'd, unopened, to put under the tree. We were both pleasantly surprised by the 3 items included - a pair of gray slim-ish fit French terry sweatpants with zipper details on both front and single back pockets, a black long sleeve 3-button henley shirt, also French terry-ish, and a dark gray short sleeve hoodie. Together, these made a very cool, very flattering and rather unique without being too edgy outfit for my son! Was super impressed with the quality of each item, too, but time will tell whether or not they hold up to washing.
on 12/26/2017