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With a Treatsie subscription you get curated boxes of treats made by confectioners across the country.

When you sign up, you'll also be able to set a few preferences to ensure you receive flavors you're fond of.

Shipping: US only. $4.95 flat rate shipping.

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Awful. NEver received. no emails at all..refuses to email me, has no tracking, all i get is "we're a small company will get back to u as soon as we can".. had to file dispute, through my CC. and i reported fraud w BBB. please file for fraud, we need to report them to liz and everywhere else they're advertising..and they have not been posting on FB? as of '15, '16? ridiculous. Stay away/
on 6/17/2017
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Do NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY. "Your box will ship in the coming week and you will receive an email with tracking information included." Week... after week... after week... after week... I have ordered from them in the past and they got the shipping address wrong for MONTHS even after communication to the service department (if you can even call it that) and it was still wrong! I cancelled my subscription and recently decided I would try it again in hopes of better service and ordered it months ago as a present and the person still has NOT RECEIVED ONE BOX. I am waiting to hear back on a refund for services NOT provided by this joke of a company.
on 5/17/2017
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Once again the dates our boxes were suppose to be mailed out weren't. They are 3 months behind and have made no effort to even tell us what's up. When they run into an issue they just drop out of touch. No emails or answering the phone. The last email STATED that all of the boxes would go out during a 3 day period and that we should believe them this time because they could do it. Ya,right we see ourselves in the same place as we were in in September when this mess started. I am trying to get the BBB -Better Business Bureau involved but need others to file a complaint against Treatsie. It can be done online but it does take some time to fill everything out.PLEASE go to BBB and fill out the form to get them involved. I don't think anyone is happy about Treatsie's treatment of us and we need to show them we are important. We all also want our money back or the boxes we paid for.
on 4/28/2017
This company i have had the worst luck with. They still have yet to send a box from when i ordered a gift subscription in February. They just sent a box from when i subscribed in December. I would not wast your money or time with this company. You will be s.o.l.
on 4/7/2017
Img 0944
Any one know what's going on with this company? Are they folding?
on 4/3/2017
Good luck if you ever have a problem with this company. I cancelled my subscription in December. They stated I cancelled on the same day I was charged and accused me of being "a person who orders the for the first delivery and the free box then cancels". I cancelled because my financial situation changes. They have NO phone number and the chat online always say no one is available to chat now. Email is the only contact. As of today 02/09/16 I finally got my issue resolved. My advice just don't use them. Also the products in the first 2 boxes were good but as someone else said cheap carmel was filling most of February 2016 box
on 2/9/2016
This is my 2nd time subscribing to this box and while I like it alright, I think it's overpriced. I got it with the Black Friday deal and it ships so late for some reason, end of the month. But comes within a few days of shipping. My complaint is that lately the boxes are centered around caramel, I don't like caramel and don't want mostly caramel in a box. I wish it had more of a diversity of items.
on 1/26/2015
Am I totally confused or crazy? Or both lol. I know their old price was $15 then $15 plus 4.95 shipping so 19.95. On black Friday I did the 30% off annual subs and was charged 174.30 which seems more or less correct. Their email today says you can get free shipping on the January box which they have priced as $19.95 plus shipping totaling $26 but with free shipping its 14.95 so is it 6.05 shipping or 11.05 shipping. Totally confused....
on 1/13/2015
Says coupon available, but where??
on 9/27/2014
Jenny 057
Not worth $20 a month, but definitely delicious!
on 7/23/2014