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TravelBox is a monthly subscription box that sends you travel goods from around the world – items like souvenirs, local food products, travel accessories, etc. Each Travelbox will contain a combination of 4-5 premium travel, food, beauty and lifestyle items.

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I got an email today about TravelBox being revamped already: "We're lowering the price of Travelbox to $19.95 + $6 shipping! Yes, the box that you love is now being lowered by over 33%. And that's for everyone - no code or action on your part needed! In order to accommodate these changes, we will not be billing or shipping a February box. You will be charged on February 20th for our March box - and you'll automatically be charged our lower rate. We'll still be providing the same great travel gear, goods and snacks you've come to love, delivered in different packaging. If you've given a gift subscription, we'll still fulfill the monthly term you purchased - you'll just be charged the lower price."
on 1/21/2014
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I got the January/Founder's Box a few weeks ago. Since it's new, in case anyone's curious, it included: 1. Breffo Spiderpodium ("a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium which is compatible with most all compact handheld devices") 2. Paris Luxe City Guide 3. Dreams Essentials Sleep Mask (incl. a pair of earplugs too) 4. Lanolin Agg Tval Eggwhite Facial Soap from Sweden 5. Guylian Artisanal Truffles (2 pieces) About $50 worth of stuff and I paid $28.95 for the box, incl. shipping, since I had a promo code for $10 off the first box.
on 1/14/2014