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"Your monthly surprise of toys. Every month, you'll discover 4-6 of the latest, greatest, and hard to find toys from the brands you love for one low price. Our boxes are carefully hand selected on a monthly basis by our Toy Box Monthly team just for you." Choose between Girls, Boys or a Mixture of both.

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This box is now $17 a month. Also wish there was a gender neutral option, or mix of both option.
on 4/24/2018
Okay so I'm torn , my son LOVES his toy box monthly ( he's 9 ) but after shipping to Ontario Canada it costs me 34$ a month 🙄 . I'll continue for a year because it's DEFINATELY the best toy subscription we've received .. bit once you're pushing $40 and the toys are all unwrapped it's a small amount for your money . Still my son loves toy box days but Ontario Canada orders beware it didn't show a final price until it charged my card .
on 3/16/2018
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We got our first box in April. I like that they have a mixed variation option for my 8yr old girl and 6 yr old boy. It was a mix of 6 blind bag and smaller collectible type toys. Well curated and contains characters they are already knew or ones that get them interested in something new. For example, our box included a miraculous ladybug bracelet which my daughter wasn't familiar with but found the show on Netflix and really likes it. Also had a 5 pack of Buddieez (another new to us item), a 2 pack blind box of Mini Mixie Q's (a favorite of my daughters), a playschool heros R2D2, a blind bag Ooshies DC comics pencil topper (meh), and Rip Spin Batman (which my son LOVED). I'm guessing around a $33 value? They really enjoyed getting a package of their own in the mail and I'll continue with this subscription box for a while.
on 5/14/2017