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TokyoTreat is a monthly snack subscription that celebrates the delicious, utterly unique world of Japanese candy, savory snacks, and more. The company is based out of Japan, too, so you can be sure everything is 100% authentic!

Each month, TokyoTreat curates a box of crowd pleasers, new treats worth a try, and even limited edition and seasonal snacks that are hard to find outside of Japan. You can expect cookies, biscuits, crackers, treats, candy, chocolate, dagashi, wagashi, and other fun finds.

TokyoTreat offers a Small Box (8 full-sized items for $14.99 per month), a Regular Box (13 full-sized items for $24.99 per month), and a Premium Box (18 full-sized items for $34.99 per month). Choose a level that fits your appetite!

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Ordered 1 box for my nephews since I was sending them sweets from here anyway. Hideously overpriced, most of the money is paying for the box and for other people to get money off!!! I priced all items from it in my local store at 860 Yen. I paid 24.99 USD (like 2700 yen). I know shipping is included but come on!
on 9/18/2017
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I get the deluxe box for my boyfriend and I skip two months out of three to make it a quarterly purchase. This is easy to do and makes it more affordable. He has been to Japan and is thrilled with all the variety and tastes, even the cute little toy that comes with deluxe boxes.
on 7/20/2017