Threaded Canvas
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Threaded Canvas


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Threaded Canvas is an indie t-shirt and art subscription box. Each month you receive 3 new shirts and a framable art print.

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You really need to put up a warning about this box. I made the mistake of subscribing for a year in October 2014. Right from the start, each box arrived 1-2 months late. Customer support was always unresponsive. Each box is supposed to come with 3 shirts in varying colors with different prints, an art print, a bookmark/magnet/sticker, and a button. I did like the shirts and the prints, especially at first, they seemed to put a lot of thought into it, even if they shipped quite late. My last box was supposed to be September 2015. Today is January 8, 2015 and I just received that box. When I opened the box, I was first overwhelmed by the smell. Everything inside smelled of manure. The outside of the box did NOT have this smell, so it wasn't something it picked up during shipping. Second, every single shirt inside was plain white, one print was from the box I received previous to this one. The art print was cut in half, with only one half inside the box. Not only did they not bother to apologize for being 5 months late, they made it quite clear, they couldn't care less. Absolutely steer clear of this company and any of their products, they are deplorable.
on 1/8/2016
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I have been fighting a loosing battle (I fear) for months now. I have paid for two boxes now and months later I haven't gotten more than a tracking number that won't update. I they refuse to offer me a refund after I've asked multiple times. They just keep sending replacement boxes that I don't think are real. My tracking numbers have never updated, and they just keep saying they'll send more. I refuse to believe the USPS has gotten five packages --with all the replacements they supposedly sent--lost at this point. DO NOT waste your money, because on the off chance you don't get your package, you will not be getting it back. I can't even believe the level of professionalism this company is displaying. When I try calling, they actually hang up on my call mid ring. I'm so upset by this! I don't know the legalities behind this or how I can get any justice here, but I think I'm literally being robbed here.
on 11/9/2015
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I have been trying to get issues resolved with this company for over 6 months. They send their boxes out really late and some months you never get your box. They try to appease you by saying that they are taking care of the issue and giving you tracking #s that never ship. Save yourself the trouble and money- don't bother with this company. They don't even know what customer service is!!! I have cancelled - too bad because I really enjoyed some of the shirts.
on 8/20/2015
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FINALLY got my tracking number for July yesterday.. apparently they always run this late into the next month.
on 8/12/2015
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Kelly, I'm still having problems with mine. I ordered late in July, asked if I could be in the July shipment.. they decided they could fit me in, then said no it would have to be my August order. I was charged again on the 1st and when I was emailed I was told they got me in on the July shipment as I had asked, so the charge on the 1st was my normal renewal. It's Aug 8th, still no tracking number for the July shipment that should have shipping "in the first week of the month". It is very hard to get them to respond to emails. I'd love to hear if anyone else has issues with them.
on 8/8/2015
Has anyone had any problems with this box? I ordered and never received my box. I had one successful communication but I have sent a 2nd email with no response in 2 days and my tracking number continues to just be a notice with no package given to USPS, I received the tracking number 8 days ago.
on 7/10/2015
The price of this subscription is actually $20 + $7 for shipping (in the US) for a total of $27!
on 10/29/2014
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I forgot to post that I got my first box! Has anyone done a review on this yet?
on 7/12/2014