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"ThreadBeast is an exclusive and diverse men’s streetwear subscription service that delivers a package of streetwear items to your doorstep once a month. Our technology personally caters to each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality. Unlike most of today’s men’s clothing subscription services, ThreadBeast delivers not only quality at a price that is ridiculously low, but true diversity and range in the streetwear products we offer. Our packages are created with partnerships that include today’s most influential and trendsetting brands to ensure you are always with the latest and most fashionable streetwear."

The Basics

  • $55 per month
  • Ships to US
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Featured Review: ThreadBeast Men's Subscription Box Review + Coupon- Jun 2016

Review for ThreadBeast Men's Subscription Box Review + Coupon- Jun 2016
Haley Faye profile picture by Haley Faye on July 6, 2016

Check out my June 2016 review of the ThreadBeast clothing subscription for men and save with our coupon! Read more...

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The Basics

  • $55 per month
  • Ships to US

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Star Rating Overview

1.3 overall Rating
7 Ratings

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Profile image for Zander
November 4, 2020
This company is truly terrible. Their customer service is awful and the clothes they send are hideous. I have never had a worse experience ordering anything online. They do not accept returns even if the customer is grossly unhappy. These look like rejected items from Tj Maxx. Don’t waste your time or money! You will regret it!
Profile image for Kit
August 17, 2020
I agree with the previous user - I want to call this service a straight up scam. In my box - I received a cheap dollar shirt that says LEVI'S SAN FRANCISCO... and it fits so bad like one of the rejects in a bargain bin. Another shirt said ALLERGY. What? Then, I got the cheapest flip flops on the planet that are so cheap - they would appear in Target's $1 bins, right? I was very excited to see what was in my box - that another girl's backback was at the bottom. I compared to every single picture and every single ad that I saw - there was NOTHING remotely similar to this box. NOTHING. I thought I was getting a stylish - go out on the town - kick it at a beer pub type of style - but they sent me rejects from the 99 cent store and charged me $135. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THREADBEASTS.
July 30, 2020
Beware! Their cancellation policy is tricky! I like the box, but once you’re sucked in, they will make it hard to leave. You have a 7 day window to cancel every month and if you miss it you’re out of luck. I had the premium box and it’s a bit pricey at $144 with tax. That’s pretty expensive compared to other boxes we receive, some of which are a better value when itemized at retail. They continue to bill you and if your payment is declined they keep hitting your bank over and over (no surprise, but it’s during a pandemic ffs) Other than that, the box is ok. Out of 7 “premium” items I usually like 3 or 4 enough to wear regularly. They show shoes in all photos but they don’t give shoes unless you drop $250 on a “baller” box. So, beware of the pics and read all fine print and FAQ. Their customer service responds quickly, but again, it’s tricky. They all went to my spam folder.
April 22, 2019
Profile image for Zane
January 8, 2019
The box is just complete waist of time money and a scam.... They just throw in a bunch of random cloths. Stuff the people don't buy in the mall so they send 8 there to send out to people who fall for it as good cloths when it's just the cloths Noone wants. Canceling the subscription also was shit I canceled the day I got the box and today I got another box of corse they charged me for. That doesent fit and the style is shit so I threw it in MA trashcan and set it on fire. Do not support this company. Go actually to old navy and get yourself some nice cloths for only 100 bucks and u get to choose what u want. Not some "proffecinal stylist" or just as I'd say a normal person choose just random cloths for you. It's a scam. 0/100 stars
April 14, 2018
The items I received were so bad, I want to call this service a straight up scam. In my box I received a generic grey shirt that says FILA, like a free shirt a dad might wear when mowing the lawn, a weird shirt that has strange logos and says "Lifted Research Group," the ugliest and cheapest quality grey jacket I've ever seen, and some dress socks. The socks really aren't great either, but I'll keep them. Everything else in this box were clearly items Thread Beast bought in bulk from companies that had surplus inventory they couldn't get rid of. I really would bet on that being the situation. This box feels like a grab bag from goodwill, but cost me $80. The cancellation process required a phone call where a guy gave me upwards of 6 different options besides cancelling before he finally allowed me to cancel. Stay far far away from this one.
April 5, 2018
Profile image for Jess
April 2, 2018

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