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The ThinkGeek Capsule is a monthly mystery box that gives you the fun of a blind box with the security of knowing you're getting gear hand-selected by ThinkGeek. Every Capsule has a $50+ value and will include mystery items like officially licensed shirts, gadgets, limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and collectibles. The Capsule will always include an exclusive t-shirt!

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This item is no longer offered.
on 5/14/2018
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Meh. If you like Geek Fuel you may like this. Glad I cancelled, though. The first box (which arguably should have been their absolute best foot forward) was a hodge podge of meh items. Add that to all the shipping delays for certain members and a complete lack of communication with customer service makes this a big no in my book. Loot Crate is a thousand times better and at less cost. If you already have a geek sub and are looking for a new one, I'd pass.
on 7/23/2017