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The themed monthly mystery box for fans of games, movies, cult TV, comic books and purveyors of all things popular culture. Each month’s box is strictly limited edition.

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I tried to change my shirt size and was told in order to change sizes I needed to cancel and resubscribe to the different size box. I emailed them to tell them to cancel my order so I could subscribe to the correct one. Several days pass and no response so I email again saying cancel I don't want to be charged again for the wrong size and was told I have to cancel within 14 days of order being shipped and it's been 16 days so even though I had emailed 10 days ago I can now try again when next month's order gets shipped. I now get an order with the wrong size and to try to figure out when they're shipping this next one. Needless to say I'm pissed and can't believe the lack of customer service. Anything to rip off a dollar I guess. Really think twice and make sure your not going to want to cancel this subscription because it's almost impossible to cancel once you start it.
on 9/27/2016
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They have the worst customer service of any subscription box I have had. They don't actually address anything that you are asking about nor do they specifically answer any questions. Most of the time you're given a run around and given automated responses. It's so incredibly frustrating and this sub is far from worth it. Plus, they do not give tracking. You'd have to pay an addition $20 for tracking to even ensure that you will get a box.
on 6/21/2016
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This has box has been one of the worst experiences EVER. First of all, I ordered a subscription box over 2 months ago. I've never received it; however I get random emails saying they are "working on it". I've asked for my money back, to no avail. I then decided to cancel this sub due to the inability to perform up to standard. When I tried to cancel, I was told some strange thing (in an email) that the box had not been dispatched yet and therefore I couldn't cancel. Dispatched? Really. That must be code for "we can't really fulfill your order, but don't want to admit it". Long story short, I ended up canceling my credit card so they couldn't recharge me. In my opinion, this is a TERRIBLE company to work with. Proceed with extreme caution!
on 6/10/2016
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I don't think they hold very well to their themes and although some of the items are unique oversees I don't think there's much special about them. Trying to cancel is HORRIBLE! I was told I couldn't cancel because they were preparing March boxes already and I could cancel when I received my March box. I just received my February box, so if I wait till I receive my March box it seems I will be stuck in an endless cycle. They won't tell you where their cancellation policy is either. The only policy they have is canceling a regular order. If you try them out be very careful.
on 2/21/2016
Signed up to the ZBox from Zavvi after they announced an apocalypse themed box. Was really excited for it and especially when they said it would contain walking dead items and they posted pictures of the TV show. All we got was a good print t-shirt and some zombie socks. The rest was okey but we didn't get any walking stuff apart from a mini mates box of what looked like deformed Lego and would never buy, from the comic book series. So it was a let down, so I guess the best item was the t- shirt and the worst has to be the out of date zombie sticker 2014-15, which really it should of been 2015-2016.
on 3/22/2015
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Real Price: $31.18 + Shipping
on 3/7/2015