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The Sportsman's Box is a monthly delivery of gear and supplies all catered toward the sportsman's lifestyle. Their team of sportsmen carefully test and select unique products from premium brands for each box that the hunter and fisherman need . With their monthly boxes you can be sure you have everything you need for your next hunting trip or fishing trip. From hunting in the fall to fishing in the spring to every day life, The Sportsman's Box will satisfy the Sportsman in you.

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I placed an order on 7/20. I never received a delivery notification, so I reached out. They responded asking if the email was correct for the order. I responded saying "yes" to which I never heard back. I gave it a few days and still no reply and still hadn't received my order. I emailed again asking for a tracking number and where my order was. At that point they emailed back stating it had "slipped through the cracks" and they would expedite the shipment on my order for 2 day shipping and I would receive it no later than that Friday (this was on a Monday, so really I should have gotten it by Wednesday). Friday came and went and still no package. Today is Tuesday, no package and I have reached out via email multiple times as well as posting on their FB page and messaging on FB as well with NO RESPONSE!!!! I still do not have my order and no communication. This is ridiculous. I will NEVER do business with this company again! I want my order or I want my money back!
on 8/7/2018
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My review is regarding their subscription renewal policy. I subscribed to the 3-month auto-renewal for my father. I intended to buy him three months for Christmas on 12/21 and then cancel before the next started because I didn't realize the gift package was an option (my bad...I was hastily researching several of these companies at the time and didn't get a chance to read through every page of every website). They then initiated the auto-renewal on March 1 at midnight with no reminder (just a bit shady...most legitimate companies send you a reminder email and then let you cancel if you don't want it) and charged me for an additional three month period. I emailed and explained to them what happened, and they refused to refund even though the new box had not even shipped yet (scheduled to ship after the 10th, I believe). They instructed me that I should have gotten the gift subscription if I did not want to get screwed over. STUPID ME. Apparently, they have a Draconian refund policy which they do have written on their page...but one would assume it would be regarding a refund for boxes ALREADY sent...not ones that are scheduled to be sent in two weeks. I'm disappointed because my father seemed to like it, and it would have been great to do every year. But because they would rather get their money now instead of later, they've lost a customer. Best advice (for myself included): never do business with a company that has an absolute no-refund policy. Companies with such rules in place are typically overcompensating for a low-quality product or poor management in my experience.
on 3/3/2018
This company has been by FAR, the most unprofessional subscription box I've ever ordered from. After two months of trying to get in touch with someone after not receiving a paid for order, only to find myself being blocked by email and calling to a voicemail box that was always full and never even rang. They informed me that my order was "mysteriously" lost and they couldn't do anything to rectify this other than reissue the initial box I ordered. I will NEVER order or recommend anyone order from this company due to lack of accountability and professionalism. This is NOT how you treat consumers.
on 2/9/2017
January's box did not disappoint. So far it is holding up to almost double the cost of the box. Socks, -a site, BBQ rub. Can't wait to try the rub!!
on 1/14/2017
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I ordered this box for my husband as a Christmas gift. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. This box did not disappoint. It had 7 items in it. It has on the card the value as being $68.00. It came with a Seahorse Dry Case stated value as $35, Shoreline Marine Phone Case valued at $8.99, Clenzoil Field and Range Pump Sprayer valued at $6.79, Dry Mate 5 in 1 Emergency Whistle valued at $5.99, Hawk Hunting Sportsman Wire valued at $4.99, Moss Oak Reusable Ear plugs and case valued at $4.99 and POP Ginger Tea and Chew Sample valued at $1.00. We have already made use of the Clenzoil and it truly is a great product. The Dry case and the phone case are about on target in regards to price. So, we were very happy with this box and will expect to continue it for a while.
on 12/29/2016
Thank you for bringing this box to my attention! I have subscribed for my hubby! It looks like it'll be a great box!
on 8/12/2015