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This time-of-the-month subscription lets you choose from traditional, global, or eco-friendly period products, and they also include herbal remedies, stain removers, and even a first-period kit to choose from (among others). You can also choose different levels: Treats only - $15, Lite - $20, Medium - $25, Heavy - $30

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November 9, 2015
I tried this box for two months. It has its pros and cons. I really like that you can tell them how far apart your periods are and the shipping is pretty exact (well from my two boxes). You can pick different options for what products you want on a monthly basis and you can also pick things you want extra for the next month which includes: warm packs, jewelry, natural remedies, one type of underwear, and wipes. From the products you can choose on a monthly basis, they had all kinds that include more natural products that I never even heard of to more traditional products. I love that they have these nice wipes you can add monthly with rosewater scent or lavender. The ease of changing your choices is great! The biggest drawback that I had was the "treat" part. It comes with little separately wrapped cramp medicine, two tea bags, some kind of chocolate, and art. The first gourmet chocolate treat I got was a vegan chocolate cookie which was not that great. The next one was a 70% dark chocolate bar which I did not enjoy although it was wrapped very nicely. The art is like a one sided postcard print type thing that relates to your monthly cycle, which I could really do without. The tea bags were blueberry and I got the same for both boxes and I could've gotten that from the store and did not enjoy (Was hopeful that the second box would have a different flavor.) If it was not for the tea, art, and chocolate part of the box (being that it costs 15 dollars of the box), I would have kept my subscription. I like that medicine part but other boxes offer that too. Not all offer the many many choices for the pads, tampons, and natural choices, so I am sad about cancelling. The value of the box would be worth it if they gave you the choice to get rid of the treat but some may really like it.
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May 25, 2015
I highly suggest this box for trying new products. I received my first box about a week ago. I've been wanting to switch to non-traditional period products for a while and this subscription really motivated me to. This website was really easy to navigate. I changed my mind a few times about the products I wanted and found it easy to edit my box before it shipped. The box came without incident. I received a shipping notification and tracking information. The box came with the products I ordered, a 5x7 piece of artwork (really cute and simple), a bar of chocolate (worth about $4), 2 packages of individually wrapped ibuprofen, 1 package of indivually wrapped cramp medicine, and two individually wrapped twinnings teas. The value is subjective the box. I have a hard time believing that artwork, chocolate, tea and medicine samples are worth $15 by themselves, but their selection of traditional and non-traditional products are the best I've seen from any other period subscription boxes.
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April 11, 2015
Would subscribers plz review this company & their products? Thanks!😊
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