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The Ms. Collection is an unlimited personal styling rental subscription service. The style team will select an unlimited amount of clothing and accessories based on the collection you have subscribed to (whether play or business) and use your profile, sizing, preferences, feedback as their style guide. If an item is too good to send back, you can purchase it with your exclusive member pricing. Subscriptions start at $49. We also have a service for men called The Mr. Collection.

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They do not let you have a say in the items you rent, and then sent me 2/3 that in no ways were useful. It is 70/80 in Seattle, and they sent me a thick sweater and a long sleeve blouse. I have the Ms. Play box, apparently they think I am playing dominos with lots of A/C instead of enjoying a beautiful Seattle summer. Worst of all, when I brought this up, they offered nothing to try to rectify this, they didn't care in the least. Spend your money elsewhere!! LeTote customer service is 1,000 times better!!!!
on 6/18/2018
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This is my third box and I love it!! They send you amazing designer brands and great pieces that fit your style profile. I usually end up buying all my pieces and hoard them in my closet. I'm pretty addicted to it, but it can get costly, but worth it for designer pieces that you can't normally get or want to buy at such a high cost.
on 4/19/2015