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The Mr. Collection is an unlimited personal styling rental subscription service. The style team will select an unlimited amount of clothing and accessories based on the collection you have subscribed to (whether play or business) and use your profile, sizing, preferences, feedback as their style guide. If an item is too good to send back, you can purchase it with your exclusive member pricing. Subscriptions start at $49. We also have a service for women called The Ms. Collection.

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I always hated having to shop, but ever since finding the Mr. Collection, I no longer have to. All they needed was for me to send them my sizes and the types of items I like and their stylists do the rest. If I have feedback, I let them know and they alter my packs going forward. They seriously helped me take the chore of shopping off my to do list! I also tried trunk club but it was way out of my price range. I get things from the Mr. Collection that I can actually afford if I absolutely want to buy something. Overall easy, fun, and my GF loves the way I dress now.
on 2/6/2017