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The KinderBox is a monthly subscription box designed specifically for men. Every month, new products from around the world are showcased in their boxes, which are made from awesome new companies. Everything from knives and beef jerky, to grooming products, clothing and more, The KinderBox has it all. For only $35 a month, you receive five high quality items, hand selected by the staff. men offers a variety of subscription plans and even a personalized gift option which is perfect for any occasion.

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I placed an order and never received products. I also reached out via phone, email, the website contact form, and Facebook and never received an answer. The reviews on their Facebook page were full of other "clients" complaining about not receiving their boxes or refunds. They have since removed their Facebook page, but their website is still active and accepting payments, which is fraudulent. If you've also been ripped off, you can try to get a refund via PayPal or your credit card company, and then report The Kinderbox to the FTC, Better Business Bureau, and Internet Crime Complaint Center. And leave reviews wherever possible to warn others!
on 1/24/2017
Iv paid for two months. August 2016 and september 2016. I have not recieved anything and i have not received an email back from them. I have tried to find a number to call but cant seem to find it. Easy to say, im pissed!!! Wtf?!
on 9/18/2016
I canceled my box for my husband due to money saving about 7 months ago and today I was randomly billed again from the company!!! So upset this is a canceled service why do you still have my credit card info???
on 9/15/2016
This is the absolute worst company I have ever ordered something from. I ordered my boyfriend a 6 month subscription for Christmas 2015. It's currently August 2016 and he has only received 2 of the 6 boxes so far. The products that he did receive were awesome and he really enjoyed the box but the company is so unreliable with shipping. I have made numerous attempts to contact them usually with no response or a response months later. Do not waste your money on this box as you will likely never receive your product.
on 8/19/2016
It seems as if they dropped off the face of the earth! no box since either April or May...
on 8/5/2016
No Photo
I purchased a 6 month plan in full in May and have received no boxes, no response to my emails, and no refund. I would read the BBB and Facebook reviews if you are considering purchasing as it seems they take money and provide no product in return at this point. Very frustrating.
on 7/28/2016
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I purchased a 6 month subscription in January, I was very happy with the February and March boxes. Then things went south, I have not received an April box, nor have I received any answers to the numerous emails I have sent. Looking at their Facebook page I am not alone in this situation, it doesn't look like anyone has received an April box, they have many unhappy customers right now, to say the least.
on 5/15/2016
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I had a great time with this box...until I didn't. The items are of good quality and value and it was already exciting. Then I began to run into problems. First, they don't have an auto-renewal function or even notification. So when my six months expired, I just stopped getting boxes. Rule #1 of customer retention guys. After missing 2 months and realizing what happened, I re-subscribed for another 6 months and let them know auto-renew is convenient and smart. No response. Then after receiving one more box of my 6 month subscription...nothing. I have now emailed them 3 times begging for a touch of customer service...nothing. I'm not sure if these guys really care about providing customer service, or if I'm just the luck one that they decided not to take care of by I am more than displeased at this point.
on 4/5/2016
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Found out about this box from this site. Was super excited to order it as a Christmas Present for my Husband. I placed the order on November 30th. Saw on their website that their boxes ship in the middle of the month. When I received my tracking number it said to wait 24-48 hours for it to be able to find the tracking number. Not a problem. Day 4 comes, my tracking number is not found. I email the company. Day 5, 6, 7, 8 rolls around and I have not received any type of communication back, nor my tracking number still is missing/not working. here we are the week of Christmas. Finally my tracking number is working. Estimated delivery date-the 24th. Not too happy. Checked the tracking again, now the estimated time of arrival is December 29th. A full month later! I have emailed, tweeted, Facebooked messaged them over and over again-I am still waiting on a response. I would NOT recommend anyone to subscribe to this company. There are WAY BETTER ones out there than this that are worth the wait, and money to invest in. So very disappointed in this purchase.
on 12/22/2015
Maine office of tourism
Awesome boxes! I got two so far and loved the products. My favorite was the karambit knife which I now use as my EDC blade. The shipping took a few days but it was worth the wait. Customer service was really great too.
on 10/5/2015