The Flavor Fix
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The Flavor Fix


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The Flavor Fix is a Spice Subscription Box. Each month you receive 2 unique Spice BLENDS, of custom crafted seasonings, flavor hacks, hard to find spice blends, or more exotic flavors. The box always includes a custom blend for cooking and a table blend, such as a salt or sugar. You get about 2 oz. of each spice, enough to try the recipes we provide for each box, available online, but not so much that you get a cupboard full of unused spices. The Flavor Fix is a spice box for flavor addicts and cooking novices alike.

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This doesn't seem to be a subscription - just a website to order spices from? I have been searching the site and it seems like your every day e-commerce site. I've not found anything that indicates it's subscription based - or even HOW to subscribe. Just how to order spices. ??
on 1/5/2016
This is a fantastic spice delivery service - delicious and innovative spices and recipes, extremely high quality, organic and natural ingredients, and really convenient delivery. Perfect amount delivered in each package, you can use it all before it goes stale. I'm looking forward to future deliveries!
on 3/14/2015