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The Boodle Box is a monthly subscription box full of accessories and beauty products that encourage girls of all ages to uncover new things and discover themselves in the process. The Boodle Box includes everything from fun nail polish and nail art, to the latest in fashion accessories and new beauty items, as well as fun non-beauty extras. Additionally, the Boodle Box is customizable by age. Monthly subscription - $24.99/month, 3-Month subscription - $19.99/month, 6-Month subscription - $19.99/month + free shipping. 12-Month subscription - $19.99/month, free shipping, and the 12th box is free.

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Just signed my 8 year old daughter up for the boodle box 1 subscription. She is so interested in my ipsy and sephora boxs, but definitely a bit too young for most of those items. This company has a few specially curated and older boxes for sale on their site so you can pick a single box to try out before you commit. The boxes contain things like lotions, lip gloss, basic lightly pigmented starter makeup, nail polish or nail stickers, jewelry, and accessories like cute socks, scarfs, etc. She LOVED the single box I got her and is actually using the items so I think we will probably end up keeping this subscription for a while.
on 5/14/2017
I think I'm going to take the plunge with my 9 year old daughter. I've scoured the internet for an appropriate box for her age, and ironically there aren't many out there at all. Happy to see MSA add them here. It must be a new addition or I completely missed them before on the page, as I finally discovered this box through a Google search.
on 10/7/2015
My 13yr old subscribes to 'boodle 2'. Most things are age appropriate. It usually includes a skin care product like a facial mask, a hair care product or hair accessory, and even 1 lipgloss or something along those lines. (nothing you wouldnt let your young teen wear) the boodle 2 is suppose to be for the older girls, but some of the stuff can also be a little 'baby'ish' she says. each box also includes a bonus piece of candy or little treat. The customer service was excellent. they double billed us when i first signed up (paypal error). i sent an email at 2am or so and got a response within the hour! i would recommend this box to anyone looking to include their little girl in their own 'subscription addiction' . =)
on 8/12/2015
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$25 for one month and listed price for 3 months.
on 2/17/2015
My Granddaughter received her first box today. She loved it. The shoe ring holder and ring were her favorites. All items were appropriate for our 8 year old princess.
on 8/28/2014