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We want to deliver the ultimate mystery subscription box that reminds you of buying your first comic book or getting your first autograph or putting up your first Funko or collectible at your desk to proudly show off your geekdom. If you can bring back those awesome feelings month after month and get the greatest collectibles delivered to your door, we have done our job. Now, throw in autographs, limited edition items and exclusives, and we are just rubbing it in.

The Basics

  • $29.99 per month
  • Ships Worldwide
per month

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The Basics

  • $29.99 per month
  • Ships Worldwide

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Star Rating Overview

3.2 overall Rating
30 Ratings

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Profile image for Justin
November 10, 2020
I have used many different types of subscription services and have found this to be the worst. #1 the items are not really all that great and not worth the money in my opinion. #2 they will no offer a refund even though you do not receive the current box until after your payment was processed. #3 you can get better items from other companies.
September 22, 2020
Honestly, I have been an on and off subscriber to Bam! for a little over a year and I have not really had any issues with any of the boxes. It is a $30 box, so are you going to get top A-List autos every month. NO. For the most part you are going to get more B or C listers, get photos more than signed props or Funkos, but now that they are all Beckett certified to me it is totally worth it. I like to collect and for the price I am ok with getting the autograph of the guy that played Greedo or the kid that played Boba and not Mark Hamil or Harrison Ford. You have to be realistic about what you get for the price. So far the quality has been great, the speed of the shipping could be better but it is not Bam!'s fault that USPS or UPS suck and don't know how to handle packages.
September 22, 2020
I just signed up for this box in August and am loving it already! If you're a fan of geek/horror/gaming/anime pop culture then you'll love these boxes too. Each monthly box comes with fan art, sketch cards, enamel pins, and a celebrity autograph. Perfect for collectors! I've started a pin and autograph collection of my own just from this box. I've found it to be the most affordable box out of similar ones and if you don't love any of the items they have a bam community where it's easy to trade and sell since the autographs alone are worth more than the box. In my first box I was missing an art item and their customer service rep was really fast and helpful and sent me a new item! All in all I would highly recommend this box to other geeks/horror nerds/gamers like me!
Profile image for Dave
March 20, 2020
I have given these guys a try a few times. I should have known nothing would change this time around. They have a renewal process that is very sketchy as it will charge you for your second box before they have even considered shipping you the first box. Right now it is nearly 50 days since I paid for the box they advertised in Feb. They charged me again on the 1st. So, sometime this year I should receive 2 boxes. My attempts to communicate with them have gone without a reply. The guy who runs the company sent a Covid 19 email the other day saying it was not slowing them down at all. They delete questions on their FB page. I won't be fooled again.
Profile image for Carrie
April 7, 2019
Profile image for Dale
April 5, 2019
February 24, 2019
I just started bam box and i already love it!! The pins are great, the props are freat, artist signed drawings are of great pop culture movies and shows, tje autos are great. Some big names and some b rated. Personally i love the b rated autographs alot cause they are some you dont think of getting. Im a big back to the futire fan and the dinald fullilove(mayor goldie wilson) auto is something i never thought to search out but glad bam box did it. Not alot of people have that auto so its great!! The facebook community is awesome!! Friendly from day 1 and i have gotten some fantastic pieces from the members. I really like that group!. I hoghly recommend bam box
February 19, 2019
I’ve been getting the bam pop culture box for over two years and the bam horror box over a year. Both have been very enjoyable and have opened my eyes to new films or shows I’ve never seen. The autographs for the last 5 months have been amazing for the cost of the box. Heather Langencamp and Lou diamond phillips to name two of the biggest. All for $26.99 plus shipping that’s a bargain. Plus you get the other items in the box.
February 19, 2019
Profile image for Brandon
February 19, 2019

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