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We want to deliver the ultimate mystery subscription box that reminds you of buying your first comic book or getting your first autograph or putting up your first Funko or collectible at your desk to proudly show off your geekdom. If you can bring back those awesome feelings month after month and get the greatest collectibles delivered to your door, we have done our job. Now, throw in autographs, limited edition items and exclusives, and we are just rubbing it in.

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This box used to be decent and unique, but for the past several months it's been dreadful. Each box comes with an art print, pin, autograph, and trinket/prop, that's it. The "Props" so far have been crummy poorly made tiny items, one month it was a coin, the next it was a strange looking star wars piece. The autographs are from "celebrities" that no one would care about getting an autograph from. Want the autograph of the guy that played scooby doo in the live action movie from ten years ago? No? What about the voice actress that played Poison Ivy on the Batman Animated show from the nineties? Not her either? Yeah, both of those were actual "celebrity" autos I got, and that's the caliber of autograph you can expect. Even worse, cancelling is awful. My box for June was marked as shipped on the 27th, but didn't actually get scanned at a post office until July 2nd. Showed up on the seventh, and I cancelled my subscription that day. Then was told that, because boxes are charged on the first, I would still get another box. Insane to me that I would have needed to cancel a full week BEFORE getting my previous box, in order to avoid getting charged for another one. People that complain on their facebook page get instantly banned and deleted, stay far away from this awful box.
on 7/10/2018
I love this box!! I get both the OG and Horror boxes and am impressed with the items each month for the price of the box. I see a lot of complaints about the autographs being those that are either supporting cast members, not as well-known actors and behind-the-scenes actors (like the controller for BB-8). Of course, A-list celebrity autos each month would be super amazing, but then the price would go up for the box as a whole. And they do offer amazing expansion packs featuring more well-known actors like Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven of Stranger Things), Nick Castle (Halloween) and Henry Thomas (Elliot in E.T.) that offer photos, funkos, pins and artwork. There have been months they have been late with sending out the boxes but they do make an effort to communicate, which is what keeps me continuing to subscribe month after month. There have been some duds (the item for My Bloody Valentine in Feb. was a miss for me) but no one will be 100% happy, 100% of the time. Some of my fave pins (I'm a pin collector) have been from Bam and one of my most fave replicas has been from their box as well (the Pazuzu head amulet from The Exorcist). All in all, this is one of my fave boxes that allows me to totally nerd out every month and is just fantastic!!
on 3/26/2018
7 weeks later...still waiting. What a joke. Complained on their Facebook and they deleted it.
on 11/1/2017
More like SPAM box! Ugh. What a waste of time and money.
on 2/5/2017