That Daily Deal Mini Monthly Mystery Box

That Daily Deal Mini Monthly Mystery Box


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We have been doing mystery boxes for NINE YEARS, and continue to blow people away with the value and variety of our boxes. Our boxes are different than most. They can differ from person to person and we focus on giving you the wow factor for your dollar. For those of you that like surprises on a regular basis, man oh man do we have the thing for you! We are well known for our good mystery boxes here. That is why so many of you jump on one every time they go live. Well, we have taken our incredibly popular mystery box and made it available for a (limited space) monthly delivery. Every month you will receive an exclusive mystery box with goodies ONLY for the people on the monthly mystery box program.

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Terrible customer service!!!!! They have a rewards program; with every order you get points and redeem points for various items. One representative I talked with said that all items can be redeemed on one “new order”. During checkout there is only one spot for a promo code (reward item). When I inquired how to add multiple item the rep said that I can only use one code per order and there nothing to be done!!!! Mind you at this point I have had this subscription for 3 years or so. I asked to have my membership canceled and with pleasure it was handled in less than a min. I was astonished by the lack of customer support
on 2/13/2019
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While I did have some issues during my first month as far as tracking/customer service went, I've gotten a few boxes since then and I'm always pleasantly surprised! If you like fun and random boxes (that are also inexpensive might I add), I would suggest giving this one a shot. The items I've received have always been stuff I would use in some way, shape, or form, and I've never had a problem with the quality of anything. They might not be super premium things, but they're clever and quirky and practical all at once! If you've got $9.99 to spare a month, you really can't lose.
on 9/27/2016
Where do I start. We can start with the name "Mystery box of Awesome". WRONG How about a box of junk you couldn't give away at a yard sale. At best I'd call it kitchy, a one time box to gift to the early 20-something party-going bachelor in your life. * I got an insulated Red Solo Cup * pair of "zoomies" glasses- Big plastic glasses with knobs on the sides to 'Zoom' in on objects * headband with a light on it * a cookbook- 101 things to do with meatballs * a bookmark shaped like a guy smashed between the pages and probably the only truly useful thing * a mini multi-tool. I ordered something off their website and that was a big mistake also. The company pulled a fast one, giving a very misleading description and sticking me with things I can't use. I've called customer service and I only get voicemail, I've left several messages. I've sent a few emails to their support desk and the only thing I get back is an auto-reply. Save your money, you can do better with ten bucks.
on 7/9/2016