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Discover new teas every month with Teabox. Our subscription boxes are made for a tea drinker like you. They are inspired by the places we source our teas from, and the people we meet there. Every box is designed around a theme, some best enjoyed alone and others with friends and family. Every box is your connection to the world of tea. Enjoy a journey, one that your cup of tea takes you on. Five teas are chosen to match the theme of the month. Enjoy an exploration of the world of tea through its myriad flavors. The subscription boxes are delivered at your doorstep. Enjoy a quick and efficient shopping experience. Inside every box you will find a selection of five teas, based on the theme of the month. You’ll get a box of five teas every month. The box will have 30 g of each tea, total of 150 g (60-75 cups). Pricing Plans 1 month plan $29.99/month - In this plan, you pay a monthly subscription fee for your box. 3 month plan at $85 - Enjoy a discount when you choose a quarterly billing cycle ($28.33/month). 6 month plan at $161 - This tea lovers’ special gets a big discount, with a six-monthly billing cycle ($26.83/month).

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This coupon DOES NOT work. Please update this link. I contacted their customer support and was told they have never heard of you or your company. I spent a lot of time wasted and this is very obviously something that has been brought to your attention in the last few months Thanks.
on 3/16/2017
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Is it any of your coupon who's workink? Not this one!
on 9/25/2016
As far as I can tell, this coupon doesn't seem to work? In checkout it still is $19.99.
on 4/4/2016
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I just followed the link to subscribe and I don't see any coupon applied at checkout... The price came up to $19.99 for the cheapest plan...?
on 1/23/2016
Living Social often has a deal. You will have to still give them credit card information, but I just cancelled my subscription after my 1 month LivingSocial shipped out. It came from India in only a few days - very impressive. I tried 2 of the 3 teas and they are very high quality. However, I am not a huge tea drinker, so the subscription isn't worth it to me. Tea drinkers would love it though. Much better deal than what you would get from, say, Teavana.
on 12/11/2015
I have the $10 a month plan. Even though the $10 a month plan gives you the smallest amount of tea, I still feel that you get a pretty good amount. I like that you can buy the tea from the website's store if you want more of it. I usually get my box 7 days after it ships. I also love the box that the tea comes in. I've saved a bunch of them to use to store things.
on 11/24/2015
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I have spent about $50.00 and have gotten nothing. This is one big scam. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!!
on 3/18/2015
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Same for me.... $25 if I want to go with one month, down to $20 if I pay well in advance... Why does it say only $10 here??
on 3/7/2015
When I hit subscribe, it says that the box is $25/month. Am I missing something?
on 2/19/2015