Tasting Room by Lot 18

Tasting Room by Lot 18


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The Tasting Room ships you a case (12 bottles) of wine every quarter. Save 50% on your first case (12 standard-size 750ml bottles) — only $84.49 with $0 shipping (regular price: $149 plus $19.99 shipping). Start your subscription with a wine tasting kit for $9.95 - sample 6 mini bottles and let the Tasting Room recommend wines based on your preferences. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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This is a terrible subscription. I received a tasting kit and it was a horrible process to actually get it delivered because someone has to be 21 to sign for the package and they will not let you re-route the package once it is in transit so you have to make sure you will be available to receive the package when you order from here. If you decide to cancel the process it easy enough but if you're due for a new shipment they'll drag it out so they can send you your next shipment and if you call to ask to have the shipment canceled they will tell you that they can't do that even if it hasn't actually been shipped. When I asked how I could end up getting a refund for the wine that I do not want, because it isn't wine I like and wasn't in line with my profile, they told me I could refuse the package and would be subject to fees that basically amount to how much I spent to get the wine I don't want in the first place. If you call you will likely be told that someone has to email you to get anything resolved and the customer service agents are terribly rude. I looked them up on the BBB website and there are several complaints. I wish I had done research about the company before giving them any money.
on 12/29/2015
They ship to the Carolinas, but not to Georgia. Grr.
on 1/2/2015
No Photo
Not available in Texas. :(
on 2/8/2014