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Taste Guru is a monthly subscription box that specializes in gluten-free food. Every box is full of snacks and food items are all certified gluten-free. Word of caution - we've received multiple reports of customer care issues including boxes not shipping, and subpar boxes being shipped, so proceed with caution!

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Taste Guru was bought out and is now under another brand
on 11/8/2015
This comment is based on their Customer Service and NOT on the actual products. I purchased a one-time gift for a friend and it took nearly 2 months to get it! They missed their deadline (15th of the month) both months. Forget calling --- the answering service loops until it either hangs up on you or you have to leave a message. I sent emails and typically got a response within 1-4 days. The responses were short with "it's in the mail" but I would follow up a couple of weeks later and I'd get "now it's in the mail" as apparently they forgot to actually do what they said they would. I got a $15 credit for my trouble but I'm still pretty disappointed. Now I understand why there's a caution at the top of this page talking about boxes not shipping. Heed the warning!!
on 10/2/2014
Bought a subscription on Black Friday and as a celiac chick I am loving it!!!
on 7/18/2014
I got my first 2 boxes at a discount and having recently gone gluten free was happy to find Taste Guru. The first box was great. The 2nd box was ok. The 3rd box I paid full price for (I forgot to cancel in time) and I had to contact Customer Service to get my box delivered...about a month late. I felt like that box wasn't worth the money and cancelled after that. I did find some new products I would try, but since I'm also dairy free, I couldn't eat everything that was sent anyway. And unless you sign up for a yearly subscription, the price monthly is pretty high.
on 6/27/2014
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Got a subscription online for a discount. My daughter is into healthy foods and she was ecstatic over the granola and chips. Well worth the price for all the food that came in the box. Super happy over this deal. She doesn't need the gluten-free but eats a lot of the items already. Good Job, Taste Guru
on 12/23/2013