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The target beauty box is a one-time purchase that is released about every season. Make sure to sign up for the My Subscription Addiction newsletter if you want to be notified the next time it goes on sale!

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Just got all 4 target boxes! Target beauty boxes never disappoint! Keep them coming!!
on 3/30/2018
Very disappointed in Target service. Ordered the box I thought successfully and then received an email today several days after I ordered that it had been canceled due to problems with my address. My address is the same as it ever was and I used the autofill on the target site so there was nothing different in the address and when I reviewed it it was correct and accurate. I called customer service and they could not help me and did not know what the problem was. When I try to reorder the box it is now , of course , unavailable. My suspicion is that the box was oversubscribed when I ordered it and was not available and was canceled for that reason not for any problems with my address as the email said. Have asked them to review it but I'm cynical in terms of any response. We'll see.
on 3/8/2018
March target beauty box is live in California it launched at 12am get u some !🎯😍💋
on 3/5/2018
Any idea why I no longer HAVE my subscription? I haven't gotten a shipment in a while, and when I went into my account today, it said I don't have a subscription. What's up with that?
on 1/19/2018
No Photo
For some reason, Target has stopped mailing to Hawaii and none of my calls or e- mails regarding this issue have ever been answered. They previously mailed them and I receive multiple other beauty boxes, including the Walmart box, with no problem.
on 5/8/2017
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The Target Naturals beauty box was the most exhilarating box I've had in awhile! I loved everything, and the price fit for the samples. More natural stuff!! Please?
on 4/12/2017
Any help how to sign up?
on 2/20/2017
No Photo
This box is the most confusing to sign up for!!!!!
on 2/20/2017
Mms 20130621
Definitely got more than I paid for. Anything I didn't want my daughters were happy to have. Look forward to the next box.
on 1/11/2016
when does the target winter box come out
on 12/28/2015