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Takeout Kit is a meal kit service featuring interesting global dishes and a 2 month shelf life. Experience a global cooking adventure every month with a Takeout Kit subscription. You'll receive all ingredients to make a complete meal for 4 people starting with the background of the dish, a simple recipe card, high quality and hard-to-find global ingredients, and a list of necessary kitchen supplies. We also give suggestions for optional add-ins and drink pairings. Choose your kit each month: Thai Crab Curry, Vietnamese Pho, Spanish Paella, Burmese Curry Noodles, Indian Tikka Masala, Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito, and more! We created Takeout Kit to address "meal kit anxiety", the stress of not being able to cook meal kits before they expire. Takeout Kits have long shelf lives (2 months) and can stay in your pantry until you’re ready to cook. We’re focusing on creating global dishes that are fun and exciting to cook and might typically require hard-to-find ingredients. Ideal for anyone with an unpredictable schedule, date nights, college students, glamping, sailing and RV expeditions, vacation homes, occasional home chefs, and new parents. Subscription or à la carte options available.

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