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"Switch is a luxury jewelry membership service that gives you access to brands like Hermes, Chanel, David Yurman, and more. You get to pick your pieces, hang on to them for as long as you want, and exchange them as often as you want. They have three different plans, which start at $29 per month. Their pieces have an average retail value of $500 and you can access any piece in the collection, regardless of your plan. Members also gain $10 of purchase credit for each month of membership, which can be used towards buying the pieces you fall in love with!"

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I love how the switch team promptly responds to all my communications. I love all the pieces that I've received. Great idea!
on 4/29/2018
I'm super lazy, so I'm a big fan of Switch. With weddings and events of the like consuming every weekend of my life, the great selection and ease of the site help take the sting out of being bitter and single ;). Also, wearing high end jewels helps keep up the facade that I'm doing GREAT.
on 2/24/2017
Easy to use, amazing selection and great prices! So happy I discovered this!
on 2/22/2017
I hate wearing cheap looking jewelry and can't invest in a new piece for all of the events for work, weddings, etc... I can't keep up! Switch is the best for dressing up a boring outfit or making a dress really shine. The selection is great and the site is so easy to use - half the fun is in browsing for pieces!
on 2/16/2017
Switch really is a lifesaver for me! I love that I can have designer jewelry, without the price tag, whenever I want it. The ease of selecting, receiving and returning is crucial, as this is why I use Switch over competitors. I love the selection and I am always eager to keep up with what is new on the site! Would highly recommend this service to any of my friends!
on 2/15/2017
I love that I can be bougie without paying the full price of each individual jewelry piece. This truly gives me the flexibility to wear top designer jewelry pieces without spending a lot of money. The service is incredible and the jewelry is in perfect condition. I would highly recommend!
on 2/14/2017
I'm hooked! Service and selection is fantastic. I go to a lot of events for work so it's great to change up my jewelry.
on 2/3/2017
I'd recommend Switch to anyone who loves fashion. It's a great way to accessorize without feeling guilty about wearing Chanel or Dior. I love the mix of fashion and fine jewelry, plus they have popular brands so I know I can trust what I'm getting. The value per box is also very reasonable $29 for $500 worth of jewelry---that's less than $350 for the whole year. The purchase credits are nice too.
on 2/3/2017
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I love this concept. You get to try out and wear the jewelry you love without having to purchase it first. They have a great selection of pieces and it's a great way to keep your jewelry style fresh. The pieces always arrive on time and the customer service is fantastic. Would highly recommend.
on 2/2/2017
I would recommend Switch to anyone who loves jewelry or is hoping to find their style. The retail value they offer is really fabulous, and as a jewelry lover who gets nervous about splurging on certain items, this is a great way for me to wear some of my favorite brands. Their customer service is also above and beyond and I really love the curation.
on 1/31/2017