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$40+ Value of goodies in each box. Every month features a mystery collection with a guaranteed exclusive Ultra-EPIC Shirt!

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I received my first (and last) box today and I have to say I am not impressed. Iron Man Dorbz: $9 DC Comic Original Minis: $4.50 (super cheap and small) We Can Do It T-Shirt(white): Tultex $3.50 (but that's single so I'm sure they get a bulk discount) We Can Do It 'poster': 10c (cheap, thin paper, heavily creased in the middle to the point the paper/image is torn and not even worth putting up) Koopa Shell Keychain: 99c (for similar items on eBay) Temporary Tattoos: 50c Overall, barely worth the price tag of the box. The particular items and especially the quality was sub-par. I would not have purchased any of these items on my own or even wanted them if I had gotten them for free. I went to unsub and it's an email-only opt-out system which is irritating.
on 1/26/2016
This box is very similar to 1Up Box (I believe it's run by a previous employee or owner of 1up). As with 1 Up, this box includes a shirt every month. It also tends to be "geared" to the younger crowd or at least the kid at heart. Most items are of good quality and they do seem to include an "exclusive" item in each box. Also each of my last three boxes have included a Funko item.
on 12/12/2015