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"Stylogic is styling service delivering handpicked outfits to your front door. Based on your Style Profile, our stylists will send you a complete a complete “set”. You can keep the entire outfit or keep the pieces that you like and send back what you don’t."

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I signed up with Stylogic after trying out several other boxes and this one was my favorite! My boxes with Stitchfix and Dia&Co were a failure so I wasn't sure what to expect from Stylogic. I was able to message my stylist to let her know what I was looking for (classic casual office look). When I opened the box I was thrilled to get items that I absolutely loved. I'm keeping everything, and I can't wait for my next box!!
on 9/7/2019
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I really wanted this to be successful, but it just wasn't! My first box was supposed to ship out on a friday. Thursday of the next week, following an email that my box had shipped, I tracked the package to find out that it was 'on it's way' to be shipped. No communication from them is the major problem for me. I travel. I time my deliveries (all of my deliveries) in between trips or when someone can pick it up off the porch. I am not going to put more effort in 2nd guessing the delivery than they put in sending it...
on 4/11/2019
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Stylogic was by far the worst style box I've ever tried. I signed up, set a date, and they immediately charged the styling fee (even though the date was weeks in advance). The date came and box...I tried to reach out to them..nothing. I started looking through their social and suddenly I was worried they weren't even in business anymore. Finally, I disputed the charge for the styling fee via Paypal and voila - a box shipped - what a disaster. A fall/winter box that included a two piece hot-pink shorts-suit - except they didn't include the shorts - just the top. The rest of the items were randos - just some junk they had laying around? Packed it up, sent it back - tried to cancel - nothing...nothing...then finally my login just didn't work anymore - no email confirmation, nothing. Everything about this experience sucked. I do a lot of boxes, and I get that the first box is often an "get to know you" thing - but I've never had to have Paypal nudge a company, I've never dealt with so many fails in one box, and I've never seen such a complete lack of interest in customer service.
on 2/3/2019