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With the StyleBox by Jamberry, you'll get a minimum of $30 of exclusive Jamberry nail products, 1 nail file, a cuticle stick, and a monthly style guide every month. Shipping included in price. StyleBox subscribers will be receiving one of three distinct boxes - classic, feminine or trendy! Pick the style that fits you!

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I have gotten a few boxes from Style box. I like how they changed their thing now to where you not only get the style box exclusive wraps, but you can choose which ones you get. Not just a generic style like " classic, trendy, or contemporary". You can add more than just three wraps to your box as well, picking from past style box exclusives. Or any from the current Jamberry line. And, yes, I have skipped a few boxes, even cancelled for a few months at a time. but they usually bring up a set i just have to have! I love i get to see whats going to be in it before i get it as well. Complete customization.
on 8/31/2017
I am a former StyleBox subscriber. The hardest thing for me was that I am not a girly girl. I love Jamberry's wraps and lacquers, but I got very tired of almost always having a pink or very feminine wrap in the box. I subscribed for a year and a half and in that time 12 of my 18 months were loaded with pink. I understand that they have adjusted how they curate their boxes, but I am not sure yet if I am ready to take the plunge again. It would be nice if they had a swap system. But I do like that you can pass on a month if you want or gift the box to some one else.
on 10/1/2015
I've used Jamberry wraps for the last year. I love them! As long as you apply them correctly they last 2x longer than nail polish. If you pick at polish though, these wraps are not for you. I always order extra junior sets and my girls and I have a nail session every couple of weeks. Considering my youngest digs in dirt and polish lasts usually 24 hours tops, them lasting a week is amazing. And I always get compliments every time I wear them. Considering local nail salons charge $50-$100 for 'designed' nails (w/regular paint) this has become very cost effective and popular in my area.
on 9/1/2015
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Don't try Jamberry nails! I received samples from a local consultant, and they didn't even last three days- even after I reapplied the topcoat four times!!! These nail wraps are a waste of money. Don't get this box!
on 6/2/2015
Love, love my Stylebox subscription! It comes with at least $30 worth in exclusive product that can't be purchased through the regular catalog. It ships free and is easy to skip a month or cancel. The style cards are cute too.
on 3/14/2015
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I'm a Jamberry consultant. Jamberry produces AMAZING nail wraps that ACTUALLY work (last up to 2 weeks, low in cost, super cute). I subscribed to this box just so I would be able to tell my clients about it. I have received two boxes so far (and viewed MANY boxes online). Each month, you receive two main items, as well and some application tools (orange wood sticks, alcohol wipes, nail files). Two nail wraps are usually valued at $30, so you're already receiving more than the box costs. My favorite is when you receive exclusive wraps! Sometimes they will send TWO exclusives or a combo of one exclusive and one catalog item. My LEAST favorite is when you receive a nail polish. I don't know why this company sells nail polish to begin with - their focus is nail wraps. Anyways, I do like this box. No surprises really on what you will get, besides the different nail designs. Unfortunately, there is no swap system like other sites have available, though some of these items become really popular and can be sold on different sites if you don't like them.
on 12/22/2014