Stunner of the Month
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Stunner of the Month


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Stunner of the Month is a monthly sunglasses subscription box. Shipping is free to the US, and as follows for other countries: - $7.59 = Europe, Asia , Australia - $7.29 = South America, Middle East, Africa - $6.99 = Mexico - $5.49 = Canada

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I signed up and got two that I loved and just today I recieved an email stating they are refunding any exisiting orders and are closing business.
on 12/8/2015
Got my first pair today. Surprisingly the quality is good. I've made a good choice.
on 4/3/2015
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This is the best subscription I have ever had. I love sunglass I never leave my house without them. I also loose my sunglasses a lot. So getting a new pair for $10 a month is prefect for someone like me. They also give you a little story about the sunglasses too that I thought was cute.
on 3/19/2015
I like them. U can choose the style u want to receive and they are ok quality. For $10 its not bad.
on 2/5/2015
Us three 2
Can someone give me more information on this subscription? I can't seem to see anything...
on 1/21/2015