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Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell them your style and size preferences, and they send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. No two Fix shipments are alike. Each one is hand-picked just for you. Keep what items you like, and return the rest in a pre-paid return mailer. The services costs $20 a month for your stylist, but that fee is deducted from any items you choose to keep.

Stitch Fix now offers an expanded size range including plus, petites, and maternity.

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    What is Stitch Fix & how does it work?

  • Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women, men, and kids! For $20 per order—or “Fix”—a stylist will choose 5 clothing and accessory pieces to match the preferences you set, including your size/measurements, budget, and most importantly, your style.

    You’ll get to try on your pieces in the comfort of home. Keep what you love and return the rest within three days. You’ll only be charged for what you keep. (Return what you don’t want for free!) Plus, the $20 fee for the “Fix” goes towards anything you choose to keep, and if you keep all five pieces, you’ll get 25% off, too!

    Note that Stitch Fix isn’t necessarily a subscription service. You can request a Fix as a one-off whenever you need it. (This feature is especially handy when shopping for special occasions!) Or, you can set up recurring Fixes on a schedule that works for you. You can also stick with the same stylist, or change your stylist each time you request a Fix. We love how flexible this service is!

    What sizes does Stitch Fix offer?

  • Stitch Fix currently offers a wide range of sizes for women, men, and children:

    • Women: 0-24W (XS-3X) including petite, plus, and maternity sizes
    • Men: XS-3XL, waist 28”-48”, inseam 28”-36”
    • Kids: 2T-14

    How much does Stitch Fix cost?

  • When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you’ll get to note what you’re comfortable spending on different types of pieces (such as tops, bottoms, jackets, coats, shoes, etc.). The Stitch Fix FAQ page says that women’s and men’s items tend to range between $25-$500 and kids’ items start at $10. Communicate your needs to your stylist, and they’ll do their best to accommodate!

    And remember—with Stitch Fix, the only amount you pay up front is the $20 styling fee that they require for each “Fix” you order. Beyond that, you’re only charged for what you decide to keep.

    What kinds of styles & brands does Stitch Fix offer?

  • While trend-savvy, contemporary looks are their specialty, we’ve seen Stitch Fix stylists accommodate out-of-the-ordinary aesthetics, too. (Think retro silhouettes or outfits with edgier vibes.) Stitch Fix draws from a pool of hundreds of different brands, both well-known and up-and-coming, so they can easily match you with styles and prices that fit your needs.

    We’ve found that the key to getting the type of looks you want from Stitch Fix is to communicate, communicate, communicate! Thoughtfully fill out your style survey and send along extra notes or insights to your stylist if you’d like. We highly recommend creating a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration that you can share with your stylist. It’s a great way to visually convey what kinds of clothes catch your eye.

    Is Stitch Fix a subscription?

  • It’s up to you! Request a “Fix” as a one-off (a great move if you’re trying the service for the first time, or if you’re shopping for a special occasion), or sign up for their automatic deliveries program. Automatic deliveries can arrive as frequently as every 2 weeks or as infrequently as once per season. Pick a plan that works for your needs!

    How does Stitch Fix compare to other personal styling services?

  • While Stitch Fix regularly tops our list of best clothing and styling subscription boxes, there are lots of other styling services that are worth checking out. The programs that are most similar to the Stitch Fix model are Nordstrom’s Trunk Club ($25 per “Trunk”) and Dia & Co. ($20 per box).

    Because Trunk Club is connected to Nordstrom, we find the quality of the pieces to be reliably top-notch. However, the price point can be a little higher, too. (Their FAQ page says that men’s and women’s ready-to-wear styles tend to fall between $40-$300.) The $25 styling fee is also slightly higher than Stitch Fix’s $20 fee. Still, Trunk Club offers lots of little details that make it worthwhile—you get five days to try on clothes (Stitch Fix only allows for three), and Trunk Club makes it so easy to communicate with your stylist (via email, phone, or their handy chat feature).

    Dia & Co. works the same way as Trunk Club and Stitch Fix (pay a styling fee up front to have a personally-styled box of pieces sent for you to try on at home), except that this program is specifically for plus-size women. We love how bright, bold, and fun the Dia & Co. offerings are—their cool, contemporary pieces (which include dresses, separates, jeans, and more) are perfect for breaking you out of a style rut, whether you’re shopping for work, a date, or just an ordinary weekend.

    Of course, there are many more popular clothing subscriptions that have slightly different pricing or plans (ex: clothing boxes where everything’s for keeps, VIP programs that let you shop exclusive items at special prices, and the newest trend in fashion subscriptions—clothing rental). Check out our readers’ favorites here!

    Can I skip an automated delivery?

  • Yep! Just hop into your account and choose to “Skip this Fix”. You won’t be charged, nor will you receive a package until your next scheduled Fix.

    How do I change/cancel my Stitch Fix automated deliveries?

  • Sign in and choose “Manage Automatic Fixes” on your homepage. From there, you can cancel your automatic delivery schedule and cancel your next upcoming shipment. Know that this will only cancel the automatic deliveries for that account. If you have multiple accounts (for yourself, your kids, etc.), you’ll need to cancel each one individually!

    Where and how does Stitch Fix ship?

  • Stitch Fix only serves the US right now, though they’re looking to expand to the UK in 2019!

    Fixes arrive via USPS. Shipping and returns are free!


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I have been with Stitch Fix for over a year. I really love almost everything they send me. Sometimes there may be one item I'm not crazy about. But with the discount it is cheaper to keep all the items. Overall I think it's great. Especially since I don't like going shopping.
on 1/18/2020
No Photo
Really Really Bad, Bad . They are very bad in customer support, I had problems, they don't know, I was on an emergency trip, and they sent me the shipment to my house, as I was out of my house for a week, when the trip arrived I made the reimbursement back from your box, because I could not pay, and they charged me all the money, now I am claiming, and nobody formally answers me, and I need my money, I sent that box. Beware of this company.
on 9/14/2019
No Photo
I’m getting so frustrated with StitchFix! I’ve been a customer for over a year and had some really great boxes in the beginning. I decided to do a year of staining so that I didn’t pay the $20 fee every month and it’s gone downhill from there. I do the online style shuffle almost daily yet will either get things that I know I’ve passed on, or I’ll write a note to the stylist and receive absolutely the opposite of what I’ve asked for? Not a fan and NOT happy I spent the $49 on a year of styling...feeing ripped off!
on 9/9/2019
No Photo
I’m getting so frustrated with StitchFix! I’ve been a customer for over a year and had some really great boxes in the beginning. I decided to do a year of staining so that I didn’t pay the $20 fee every month and it’s gone downhill from there. I do the online style shuffle almost daily yet will either get things that I know I’ve passed on, or I’ll write a note to the stylist and receive absolutely the opposite of what I’ve asked for? Not a fan and NOT happy I spent the $49 on a year of styling...feeing ripped off!
on 9/9/2019
Some items are good quality; others are awful quality. The value varies. They cannot seem to be able to read the messages you leave them to give them a better idea of what you like or dislike. Several boxes now and they keep sending the same things I tell them I dont like or want. I think I may be done with them as I am starting to think they just want that $20 styling fee. I gave them my pinterest board and I take the shuffle quiz every day with no luck. Maybe the ones in charge of reading the notes arent reading them at all. and they just throw "whatever" in the boxes
on 7/24/2019
The quality of the clothes is pretty awful. Some things aren't so bad but I've had some clothes literally fall apart my first time wearing them or washing them. We're talking jeans ripped open in the crotch area my first time wearing them! They weren't too tight or anything either. The craziest part was when I told the company, they are just like "okay we won't send you that brand". Great for me but what about everyone else they continue selling these too?
on 7/22/2019
Not a fan. Great customer service, fast shipping, but really didn’t love anything in original shipment. They sent another FOC, but didn’t like anything either. So they made out with 20 bucks and I enjoyed nothing. Not worth the risk if you don’t like what they send since you pay 20 no matter what.
on 6/24/2019
I am so disappointed. I’m not super great at dressing myself and I wanted some fun, colorful, springy pieces to spice up my date night wardrobe. I put this in my note to my stylist and spent time thoughtfully filling out my profile. What I received (three days after the date I requested by the way) was not that. If you google the dress I received a review of stitch fix from 2016 pops up. This dress had been sitting around for 3 years and it was not age appropriate or seasonally appropriate. It was matronly and hideous and three year later still full price. She sent me a long sleeve sweater (it’s almost June) and my entire box was grey, navy, and black. There was not one piece that was age appropriate or going out worthy. It’s like my stylist didn’t even read my notes. Sent everything back.
on 5/14/2019
375062 woodlandreading med large
I really enjoy receiving this box. I got the invitation to have unlimited stylings for one year for $49. This is then deducted from any item you buy. I figure there will be something in a year I will buy. The items are higher price then I normally would spend, but they are good quality, and it is worth it for me not to go shopping. I have found that if you are very specific in your requests, they will try to accommodate you. Sometimes, I get a box that mirrors my wardrobe so closely that I don't need anything in it! Other times, it is hit or miss, but that is kind of the point of trying new things. If you are completely dissatisfied and put that in your comments, they will offer to send another box without charge. I have had one item that did not hold up and sent photos; they refunded me and told me to keep the item. You have to go into this subscription knowing that it's not a catalog service; you are not going to get the exact items you pin but similar styles or colors. They don't have unlimited inventory, especially in plus sizes. I will sometimes say to send "all the dresses you have" to get a larger choice, etc. Also, you are not getting a sale/bargain on the clothes, you are paying for the service. Prices are comparable to department stores, not discount stores.
on 5/7/2019
I wanted to like the service. I answered truthfully and submitted a pinterest board. I was so excited when the package arrived, and when I started to open it. Then the clothes....I'd specified no polyester. Everything WAS polyester and nothing fit. A horrible peasant style short sleeved top (I said keep my arms covered and some styles should stay dead). The blazer was too tight, the blouses too big, the jeans didn't fit at all. The purse was a vinyl cross body bag that I would never use. Sent it all back. It was easy to disenroll.
on 2/8/2019