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Every Monthly delivery of Steam Crate includes 10 Steam games. These are randomly selected from our stock, and could be some wacky game about a goat, or the latest and greastest blockbuster. Its a suprise! We guarantee that every game is worth at least £3, but at the same time, you could get a game thats worth £50+! Either way, your on to a winner, as Steam Crate starts from just £10.83/Month!

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March 11, 2016
Saw some great reviews on YouTube but it seems like they send out more popular games to those that are reviewing them for the company. The games I receieved were all games I had never heard of and were not very fun. I think this is a great idea and am giving it another chance next month, but so far I have wasted my money and it isn't that cheap of a subscription!
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