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Stationary Stash Subscription Box


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"Each month you will get a custom curated box each month filled with stationary, art supplies, project ideas, gifts, treats and more – usually 6-11 items. We will also including writing prompts, stamps to mail your stationary and cards, as well as our inclusion in our free pen-pal club! Your set will include luxury stationery along with an assortment of stationery accessories, gifts, as well as little yummy surprises like candies, tea, coffee and snacks (only organic!). You may get surprised with cards, paperclips, pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, party goods, notepads. We will also include tutorials, templates and ideas for more inspiration and projects for your monthly box! We search the globe high and low for hand makers, suppliers and others for the best items. Each box for each month is centered around a theme for the month."

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