Star Trek Mission Crate
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Star Trek Mission Crate


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Star Trek Mission Crate is a bi-monthly subscription from Loot Crate. Each crate will include 4-6 exclusive, high-quality collectibles (Mini-Masters by QMx, prop replicas, and Division-specific apparel)

Shipping: $5 S/H

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I want to love this crate. I love Star Trek. But this crate has been suuuuuuch a bummer so far. The first box was months late and pretty disappointing. They are terrible with communication, and leave you wondering if and when you might get the next box. The metal Star Ship Enterprise I was supposed to get for pre-order hasn't come, and every time I ask about it, they'll say they'll let us know when they are sent out! Loot Crate has been getting worse and worse. I wish I could recommend this box, but I can't. Buyer Beware!
on 4/12/2018