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Square Hearts VIP is a monthly fashion subscription for women sizes 0-16. Each month you will receive 1 piece of clothing, 1 piece of jewelry and 1 handbag from the latest trends! The cost is $49.99 ($120 value worth of items) with free shipping for the continental U.S. You can also select $29.99 option ($60 value) for a dress.

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I also have been ordering from squarehearts for over a year then my last order was August 2017 that was paid and never fulfilled and they never refunded my money just pretty much fell off the face of the earth. How is it even possible that a company can go out of business and take money from customers knowing that they were going out of business and keep their money! That is called stealing and I want my money back! How do you get your money back when a company suddenly disappears without notice and how is it that they are able to get away with that! I’m pretty sure their are many longtime customers that got ripped off without notice! Not happy!
on 3/22/2018
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Did Squarehearts go out of business ive been ordering from them for over a year the last box i ordered and paid for was from August 2017 and it was never fulfilled I never recieved it or got my money back and it is impossible to get in touch with anyone by email and phone, Anyone knows whats going on with this company and how to get my money back. Not happy at all
on 2/5/2018
DO NOT ORDER! IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 2 Months and I have received nothing. Contacted customer service multiple times. Not sure why this box is even still advertised as available. reporting this company to BBB. They refuse to refund my money and are now ignoring my emails
on 8/28/2017
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I just received my 1st box today and I have to say I'm really loving it. There were some problems at the ports and it caused a long delay in getting out the March box but I survived it and am happy I did. Can't wait for Aprils and hopefully the wait is a lot shorter.
on 4/19/2017
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I have been receiving Squarehearts boxes for over 6mths now. They have gone through a few changes and each box still makes me smile and happy I belong to this subscription. I will agree the shipping is F-O-R-E-V-E-R you pay on the 1st, which they are ON IT for their payment, then it does literally take about 3 weeks before you receive a shipment. I want to say that my Dec box seemed to ship much faster, so they might be working on that issue. I ABSOLUTELY love this box. So much so that even my 13yr old son made a comment at Christmas when he received his gift for a Fishing Tackle subscription, that he hopes he loves it as much as I love my squarehearts subscription.
on 1/4/2017
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I ordered my first box, and it only took a few days to receive an email saying my order was preparing to ship, but then after 10 days, when it still hadn't shipped, I decided to cancel my subscription, understanding I would still have to pay for the first box. The box shipped the next day, and several days later I received confirmation of the cancellation. Then, I was charged again for another box, and contacted the company the same day to clarify that I'd cancelled and request a refund. They ignored me until after the box shipped, and then refused to refund me. The box itself is subpar. I would avoid this company due to the difficulty of cancelling and the total lack of customer service. There's nothing in the box that you will be missing out on.
on 12/13/2016
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I'm new to square hearts but really really liked my first box and did contact customer service and they responded quickly and appropriately. I had a size concern and immediately they asked if my items fit (they did) and offered to cancel my subscription and let them know if something did not fit. They must have gotten the message from the previous reviews because I'm really happy with square hearts.
on 11/10/2016
I don't see how they can be around much longer. I ordered a past box that on their site even shows how many remain (so you assume it's in stock). after a month they still haven't shipped it so I asked for a refund. they finally agreed to refund my money & still ship me the box the following week. I was impressed by that response. well, it took opening a dispute with Paypal to finally get my refund processed because the first time their echeck was denied for insufficient funds. of course, they never sent that box they said they would for my troubles & I'm not holding my breath. they lost a potential subscriber. I'm glad I knew what I was dealing with before I ok'd them being able to routinely draw money from me. oh yeah, if you go to their Facebook page, they delete all customer comments. the only real interaction on there is with themselves...wonder why?
on 4/8/2016
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Please save your money! I received several boxes and on two occasions I had to send the dress back for an exchange. I did receive one dress and it still fit too small. The other dress I did not receive an exchange for it. I canceled the subscription and I never got credit for turning in the dress. No credit given or exchange. The quality of the products are comparable to a swap meet.
on 1/15/2016
Terrible experience with these guys.I really wanted to keep this box but they charged me THREE times over three months and no boxes! They ignored me until i kicked up a fuss on one of the social media pages, and I didd get a refund in the end, but MAN it was hard work!
on 10/5/2015