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The monthly underwear subscription service that does the shopping for you.Three pairs of undies delivered discreetly to your door every month! Splendies offers two subscription levels—the Splendies subscription for sizes S, M, L, and XL ($13.99 per month), and the Volupties subscription for sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X ($16.99 per month).

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I’m in love best subscription service I have ever had wonderful quality and styles soft and adorable omg I’m hooked
on 1/22/2019
I'm obsessed with Splendies! I get 2 packages a month. One all thing package, and one no thong package. I love that every month is a surprise. I sill recieve panties I never dreamed of buying, but fall in loce with them. It's a great, fun way to discover new styles. I have seen people comllain about panties being too small. You need to size up. Sometimed a pair will be too small, but that is only because they send out different brands every month. I believe their team is only 8 people. To me they are the best panty subscription I've tried. If you subscribe, make sure you HAND WASH AND HANG DRY your panties. All panties should be this way. Esp. Delicate, sexy pairs! And if a pair rips or something is wrong with it, simply Email Splendies and let them know. Most of the time they will send out a replacment pair. However, I don't think you get a replacment pair if they are too small. That's not their fault haha. You can also win a free pair if you share a photo of your splendies on social media with #Splendies. Anywayz, to wrap this up, Splendoes is a fun surprise every month, and if a pair is too small, just give them to someone elzem my little sister loves when I give her pairs I don't want. Hehe. Have a good day everyone!
on 12/27/2018
Love this subscription. It's filling up my panty drawer. Most of them are cute and comfortable. I like that there is the option for no thongs. Some of them still end up kind of tight but like 95% on point. It's a great deal!
on 11/14/2018
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I was very skeptical about this subscription but I have had nothing but positive things happen. I love the undies they have selected so far. October’s was especially cute with cat undies. It’s like a kid at Christmas every month I can’t wait to see that cute little pretty package in my mailbox. I would recommend this and I do to all my friends and family.
on 10/27/2018
I signed up for two subscriptions for underwear the same day. They arrived within 2 days of each other and were both thrown into the same garment bag to be washed. All of the Splendies survived the washer and the dryer! I immediately renewed with Splendies for 3 months and canceled the other subscription. They're super cute and you never know what you'll get, especially if you choose the surprise me package. I wish it was a tad cheaper, but hey, you get what you pay for.
on 8/15/2018
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BUYER BEWARE!!! I was so excited to find this subscription and even more excited when I started receiving them but then my excitement quickly ended. Yes, they're cute, yes it was fun getting the package every month but, after 6 months, I've only been able to keep maybe 3 of them. They were one-use undies for me. My nails went right through all the lace ones and the satiny ones would not stay up. They kept sliding down and settling under my belly. And, for the few that managed to make it into the wash the little trim around the top and legs would get shredded in the wash. Now I'm stuck with another 6 months subscription because I forgot to cancel and they don't refund your money once the subscription renews itself. If they had a cotton line I think I'd be a happy camper. I really wanted to love these but unfortunately, it was/is just a huge waste of money for me.
on 8/9/2018
I have been receiving the Splendies voluptuous box since February 2018 and absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each and every pair of underwater I have received!! Out of all those pairs, only one did not fit and it’s totally because I have a rather large badonka donk, LOL. Each pair makes me feel beautiful and feminine as a plus size woman. Also. Each and every email is responded to within 24 hours or less!!! I would definitely recommend trying this service!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
on 7/21/2018
I have had a subscription to Splendies for three months and I absolutely love them. I just signed up for another three months and can't wait to see what i get next. My emails are always answered fast and kindly. Thank you Splendies for having such a wonderful company. LOVE LOVE LOVE
on 6/11/2018
Sooooo. I never thought I would be writing a review for this company, but seriously: best underwear ever. Everything I’ve gotten fits perfectly, and is so comfortable and cute! I am super impressed by the quality!
on 4/25/2018
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I just got my first package today. But, so far i am a happy customer. The shipping was super fast. I was very pleased. It came nicely packaged. And , the undies are so adorable . And , of good quality . They don't look cheap. I was worried about that honestly . I will review again later . But, I am a happy customer so far . Thanks splendies
on 4/7/2018