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Spiffster Delivered Neckties Club is a subscription box for men that sends you one necktie each month. Each member gets sent a quick profile survey, which allows them to set their necktie preferences. Our ties are made from premium materials such as silk, linen, cotton, and wool, and comes with many patterns, textures, and colors.

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I've been looking for an affordable way to increase my tie Selection. Spiffster allows me to do it affordably as I look to begin my career post-university. I chose the business collection. The first tie arrived quickly. The Post obviously manhandled the package, but it was packed well enough that the tie arrived with no visible creases or wrinkles. it even came with a cool pamphlet with reading material and what appears to be a new knot every month. I only ever use two, so this is a welcome addition. The tie itself was of quality material, and will no doubt last. the pattern was not something I would have chosen in-store, but looks great nonetheless; it even fit with my existing wardrobe. I took it out for a test run in an interview last week. I won't say it made much difference in the interview, but I think I found a new lucky tie. I cant wait for the next package!
on 8/2/2018
Love these ties it's really built up my collection, and at 10 bucks you can't beat it.
on 3/30/2018
I was looking fora tie subscription box as a gift for my brother's college graduation. I figured it would be great for his job interviews and future career, since he was a Finance major. I looked around and found Spiffster selling at the lowest price point (less than $10), which even included a 20% off promo. I picked the 3 month package for him, and also sent him a gift message. According to my brother, he took a survey, and received the ties he wanted! And he recently got an offer after his job interview where he no doubt wore a stud tie from the subscription. So yeah, it was a great gift idea for a low monthly price :)
on 4/27/2016
I subscribed to Spiffster for my son who is starting college this fall. I had read reviews about the qualities of the ties on on other blogs. When I decided to use subscription boxes to help collect needed items for college and his future life in general, Spiffster was one of the first subscriptions that came to mind. My son's career pursuits will require that he wear a tie to perform and day to day in his future career, so starting a collection of good quality ties (and giving him time to learn to time them) is a good investment. I happen to join Spiffster under a coupon for duration of my subscription so I get the ties for slightly less than the listed price. They ship at the end of the month through USPS. Our first tie so far was a regular silk tie (not a skinny tie) that was black with a very fine white dot. A very nice starting tie since his starting suit for school is black. Since receiving the Spiffster tie, I have received other ties through other subscriptions, which are nice. There is however, a difference in the handcrafted tie and the others that we have received. So if you are a man that wears ties daily or have a man in your life that wears ties, Spiffster ties are a very good investment in quality versus price.
on 4/10/2016